Monday, December 15, 2008

Your Rude Ticket to the Skies - Part 2

I just thought it would be a great blurb for a TV commercial. I am such an exacting genius. LOL

If all the riches of the Gokongweis can only give them the insight to actually moderate and TRAIN their staff, they probably would prosper more than they already are. Make no mistake, I feel that this airline company is doing some form of service to the travel industry, BUT what kind of servie is it if the people directly dealing with their customers are rude assholes and sons of bitches who hasn't heard of good manners and right conduct?

Ang babastos ng mga tao sa check in counters ng cebu Pacific. be they in davao, cebu or Manila. You would think they'd be a little more grateful for being employed. Instead, they come off like superior beings with huge thicket of dildos up their tight assholes.

Mr. Gokongwei, try being selective on the people you hire - and train them to actually learn how to deal with customers kindly! If not, may you all ROT in hell!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

singing someone else's songs

i've always believed that pinoys are some of the best singers in the whole world. we all know that. we have boundless musicality that comes naturally. but for artists, it's not enough that people buy their records. they have to "own" some songs to be truly immortalized as an artists.

with this in mind, i am glad that this favorite acoustic group, MYMP - with chin and juris - are starting to concentrate on originals. last month, they were promoting "now" (although i'd have chosen a different original song from their latest cd). the compilation has an enjoyable lineup of covers - madonna's "cherish", "make it easy on me", etc. but in 20 years' time, when new artists cover these tracks, people won't look back to these songs as mymp's - but the originbal artists'. let's take the case of lani misalucha. world class chanteuse. sparkling vegas diva. but ask people what original lani misalucha songs do they know. and the answer would be short. none.

that's why it is important to pepper an artist's recording with originals along with the easy recall of covers. itis an artist's road to musical immortality.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

mauritius on my mind

come fly with me, sings buble'

my tita millet offered to take me on a holiday in mauritius - all-expenses paid! wahoo! it's an island country that has heavenly beaches and only 24 islands! now here's the heartbreaker!

i can't! i have classes! no, i have exams!!!! boo hoo!

Monday, December 1, 2008

word of the day

another interesting word that i encountered today.



1. overtake with darkness or night
2. envelop with social, intellectual, or moral darkness; "The benighted people of this area"
3. make darker and difficult to perceive by sight; "The lush canopy of the giant trees benights this magical place."