Saturday, September 5, 2015

Gino Santos' Ex With Benefits - Nasty Piece of S----t!


I had to vent out my frustration watching this execrably offensive movie that's based on the wild imagination of someone who seems to live on the orbits of space - or the netherworld, not to mention that his consciousness is probably soaked on acid. The only thing vaguely "human" in this cringe-worthy cinematic carcass is Coleen's character who would rather sleep with a wrinkly dean than get her affairs in order. Med reps are pictured as a whoring bunch of desperate souls who peddle their products as much as they peddle their flesh for endorsement. Doctors - yes, doctors! - prey on flirty med reps (dressed up like night club GROs) who, in turn, talk about the doctors they cover like hyenas in heat: "Siguro magaling yun sa kama!" Seriously?

A few thinktanks involved with the story development ought to get their heads zapped with 10,000 joules of electric convulsive therapy to exorcise their gag-worthy inventions. No character in this abysmal cinematic garbage is spared from bad behavior, as though the world lives in a very amoral, albeit immoral society - the physicians, the med reps, the best friends, their classmates, the company bosses, the deans, the waiters pouring wine, and even the parents of an underperforming girl. Each one has his sharpened claws ready for the kill! Yes, every one is a wretched soul!

And you wonder which terribly impressive minds have decided that this was a Grade-A film? Typo error? Maybe it was a joke? Ah yes, those bunch of swiveling m's again from the CEB. My maid probably knows more about what a good movie is (or should be) than those hilariously clueless bunch from the Cinema Evaluations Board. 

This film is apparently inspired by my would-be vomitus had I not purchased Plasil in time. Star Cinema, thank you for getting me out of hibernation! You must be very proud of yourselves. Bravo!