Tuesday, May 26, 2009

my next visit at my aunt's

I was fortunate to listen to Cecilia Bartoli at my tita's house when we visited last weekend. But she wouldn't lend me her copy for a quick burning (copying) - I once scratched her Andrea Bocelli. It wasn't intentional of course. She brought her cd from her recent visit in Rome and she wouldn't lend me any. Boo hoo!

While I was checking out Power Books, guess what i found? Bartoli's "Semele" - both the cd and the DVD.

Guess I have something to take with me to my next visit at my aunt's. Guess who won't get to borrow my Cecilia Bartoli DVD? LOL

Thursday, May 21, 2009

gabby's cameo inspires toni gonzaga to enunciate


Overheard several times last week at Entertainment Live.

This was in reference to Gabby Concepcion's swoon-worthy guest appearance in Sharon Cuneta's movie, "BFF". The lovely Toni Gonzaga effusively and repeatedly said:" There is a "ca-me-yo" (accent on the 2nd syllable). Did I really hear her say that in all its trisyllabic glory? Hmmm. Must have misheard it. But I heard it again while she was interviewing KC Concepcion (who vowed how much she "love Toni talaga").

What can you say about your dad's "ca-me-yo"? (mentioned twice during the segment)

...and I fell off my seat as I rolled through my kingdom of hilarity.

Class, all together now - "cah-m'yo"! Again, class, "cah-m'yo". Tintin and Glorybell, the accent is on the 1st syllable.

Asus, and the english proficient Bianca Gonzales can't even correct a dear friend!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

hayden kho and porn as a primetime entertainment

gosh! i just saw 3 of the dashing doctor's private video productions, and he suddenly turns from a prince to a frog!

so... he sets these cam moments unknown to his lovers - a brazilian model, katrina halili and, the really shocking one is model/new actress maricar reyes who had a showy few weeks in "i love betty la fea" as armando's (john lloyd) former gf who succumbs into cancer!

i am no prude and i have seen some blue flicks but these trio of intimate moments put the porn flicks to shame! These are even more salacious, more vulgar than the x-rated who transcends lust through acting. this however is real, and the positions and the acts are even revealingly kinkier. who would have thought the ponds model has the makings of a really heated animal?

i cringe at the thought of myself getting caught in the heat of things with a bf then finding myself at the end of a video tape, heaving and moaning and contorting and blowing and groping. oh dear! now i am suddenly afraid of men! beware of the gwapos for they may be wolves in cute guy masks.

that the senator from cavite is calling him maniac is a bit of a farce. haven't we heard of his shenanigans as married guy? sure, he doesn't necessarily capture them on video, but what makes him less of a cad than those who videotape their deeds? or should we just easily subscribe to the fact that commiting a crime is fair game as long as you aren't caught - on tape?

now as to the legal repercussions. it would be hard to convict the perverted doctor since it is hard to prove that he actually uploaded those sex videos on file shares. why would he? he has more to lose than ms. halili. it is similar to a career suicide - for who would allow herself to be examined by a physician who videotapes women who get naked in front of him? that he will be stripped of his medical degree? based on a "law" thats dated 1959? videotaping oneself doing sexual things do not necessarily constitute a crime - NOT when it couldn't be proven that he actually intended to scandalize these 3 girls and himself! immorality is a gray zone. hayden kho is immoral coz he shags katrina? and katrina is not? you have to remember that this purported video happened at a time when every tom, dick and harry knew that hayden and vicky bello are an intimate pair. ms. halili knew that she was sleeping with another girl's bf. should we clear her of immorality coz she got caught on video - and awww what a pity? who is clean then?

Sure! Hayden Kho is the lowest form of a prick! A cad! A pervert! A maniac, says the senator! But what law did dr. kho break by filming himself without the consent of the ladies he's sharing his bed with? I am not sure there is a tangible law that will castigate him for his devious, perverted deed. The most that he will get is probably a censure, a suspension... but revocation of license? Yes, mr. senator, go make a law first - but please don't overrule the right of free information by censoring or policing internet use.

what lesson do we learn from such? as a girl, i am not sure. when we love, we trust and we give a huge part of ourselves, that includes the precepts of passion. and Dr. Hayden Kho, you are an abomination to the male species. you are what my father and what my brother and what my male friends and cousins and acquaintances shouldn't emulate.

shame on you.

Monday, May 18, 2009

national anthem and singing it as a showstopper

We've noticed how the hullabaloo on Martin Nievera's singing of the Philippine National Anthem at Manny Pacquiao's fight has come to play. That the Historical Society has uttered their displeasure for Nievera's tweaking of the last 6 notes (he raises the note from "tay" of "ang mamatay ng dahil sa yo" then consequently dipped it to effect a concluding rousing finish). Sure, I understand. Something historic should be sacred. But I am surprised why suddenly, Nievera's being castigated in the gravity that we are hearing from the news.

Some years ago, Christian Bautista was tasked to sing the song, and through all his correct notes, Bautista jumbled the lyrics into an embarassing mishmash. When another no-named lady singer - the relative of a former actor/then senator - was given the opportunity to do the same, she horrifically sang with all the flats and sharps as she peaked into the song! Kinatay ang Lupang Hinirang. I thought she was spweing, "Sulong mga kapatid!" These were horrible performances that placed our lyrically-rich anthem to shame. Yet all these historians seem to have forgiven them and charged them to human error. You are put to task to represent our anthem and you don't even memorize your lyrics enough? You don't even rehearse enough to get your notes right? Yet we hardly hear of threats of punishment from the politicians and historians.

Now, here is Martin Nievera. Voice strong and clear. As he was singing the anthem, I couldn't help but notice how beautiful our anthem is. He made me realize how proud I should be - for even in the confines of an anthem - we are a very rich nation of brilliant musicians and singers like Nievera. He was note perfect! He was loud and clear. And he made me wanna sing my anthem once again! How proud I was that people were listening to Martin. How proud I was that foreign ears actually stood back and listened - and appreciated our anthem. I don't think we have succeeded in getting that sort of attention from any of Pacman's anthem aingers before! NEVER! Until Martin Nievera...

So, please... lay off Martin Nievera. Though there were some tweakings at the end, he didn't mean to disrespect our anthem. In fact, he made me proud. Just remind him that sometimes, some things ought to be sung the way they should be, the way they ought to be.

And he didn't forget his lyrics. He didn't sing into flats and sharps. He made me proud, as Manny Pacquiao made me proud.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sharon, BFF and Her Fans

It was a perplexing experience.

So... for the second time this week, I watched Sharon Cuneta's latest movie, "BFF - Best Friends Forever" - a project that the megastar considers as "my first all-out comedy", a statement that's spurious. To start with, this multi-media superstar has appeared in several all-out comedies before: "Jack & Jill" with Herbert Bautista, and its sequel "... Sa Amerika"; there's the inane "Megamol" which couldn't be anything less than an "all-out comedy" too. But hey, Sharon is known in the business as one who acquires a very sharp wit and keen memory. She remembers names of people - fans she has met only once, reporters who met her fleetingly, etc. Kris Aquino is said to be the same - that's why they inspire fanaticism.

Then comes Sharon's penchant for hyperbole. When she meets a person she takes a liking to, she says, "I really, really like you. I am a fan." And she says this to so many people. It is not that I am questioning her sincerity, because I do believe that she is one of the sincerest of the big stars. I am just stating that the Megastar - in all her earnest or gargantuan achievements - loves to please people. And who wouldn't fall under her spell when she declares that she likes you? Mortals prove powerless to Sharon's megawatt charms! She is one in a million!

Which takes me to watching "BFF" for the second time. I must have missed something the first time I watched it. Coz in all my fandom's ruminations, I seem to have missed any merits that would make a megastar do a movie like BFF - specifically NOT after a box-office and critical success like "Caregiver" that has succeeded in placing her capabilities as an actress into even greater echelons, than what she was known for. She has derived greater respectability as an actress, not just as a star.

I am aware though that one can't do a "Caregiver" all the time, but a "BFF" to add a creamy coating to a gem like "Caregiver" borders on the realm of thoughtlessness.

I am a fan. In fact, I am a 3rd generation fan. Question this fact and I will counter you with every silly trivias, every unfamiliar Sharon ditties of the past, every little movies that no one's ever seen. My grannies are huge followers; so are my parents who were weaned on "Dear Heart", "High School", " Cross My Heart", "Hagkan"and "Dapat Ka Bang Mahalin" way until they marched down the aisle and had me. One cannot help becoming a fan after growing up with a huge collection of vinyls spinning "Swing ang tawag dito... pinaghalong boogie at tango...", thanks to my folks I have learned a helluva trivias that will make me champion on any Sharon Cuneta trivia show. I have grown up with 3 - no - 4 Japanese spitzes named Bubbles - named after Sharon's spitz way back Dasmarinas days in Paraiso Street! But fans also deserve a certain degree of consideration: that the artists we actually look up to do not mock her own weight problems and inadequacies at discipline. That the artists we adore tries to take care of how she looks!

BFF - the movie, teeters unequally between drama and comedy.

If this was "an all-out comedy", the laughs are few and far between - I missed all the punchlines, except 3 scenes, none of which involve Sharon. Fortunately for me, the audience that was with me were also staid, serious... no knee-slapping guffaws and rollicking laughter. I wasn't alone after all. They must have expected the beeline from the masa - after all, Ai ai is there and her crowd will draw the comic fans - but we were so few in cinema 4 of Megamall on a suweldo weekend Saturday. Maybe it's coz there are 2 other theatres showing BFF in Mega? Maybe. One thing is sure, if this were an experiment, the comeuppance tilts towards a failed experiment.
Had this project - which the ads on TV label as "certified box office hit" - become a mammoth hit, THIS would have given the megastar the lazy excuse of appearing again in a comedy, with a girth 3x bigger than John Estrada, one of the disadvantages of a crane shot.

Sharon is a leading lady, the biggest of the lot! This shouldn't be literally interpreted by Sharon who seems to have forgotten that certain degree of responsibility to appear fit and healthy and leading-lady-like FOR her fans - if not for her own health, then for those who have amassed a lifetime collection of memorabilias throughout these years. I silently grieved for my parent's silence as we headed back home, that day after we watched BFF.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

One Two Three Punch from Joel Lamangan

I'll be damned.

After not having posted any blogs here, Joel Lamangan would seem to dominate my pages. First off, there was the passable "When I Met You". Then there's the interesting indie, "Fuschia" which had a compelling narrative but tepid film-making, as well as disappointing bordeline performances from some of the industry's otherwise reliable veterans - Gloria Romero, Robert Arevalo and Eddie Garcia.

The movie itself could probably be divided in three parts - the light comic chapter, the dramatic segment peppered with sob stories, then the concluding action thriller-cum-pseudopolitical commentary, complete with guns and goons that's always seen in 98% of Joel Lamangan movies. As always, there are gun-toting matons riding a jeep, harassing people, kidnapping or mugging a character or two. This ouvre is also a glaring example of the limitations that even veteran performers like the aforementioned stars suffer in the hands of a mediocre script. Arevalo's supposed funny verbal tirades against Eddie Garcia kept falling flat. But it is heartening to see Ms. Romero churn out a charming, albeit spunky performance. She would have made Anita Linda's award-winning "Adora" a lot more engaging since we feel that most of the acclaim in the latter has been overrated. Bad bad me for bad mouthing veterans? Nah, just saying as I see it.

The third Lamangan feature is the homo-fantasy "Heavenly Touch" that's currently cashing in at the Galleria's Cinema 9. Rodel (Paolo Serrano) and Jonard (newcomer Joash Balejado) are disparate souls working together at a massage parlor. Errr, haven't we heard of this story before? Oh yes, we have - many many times before - and in better made films. Without batting an eyelash, we'd figure out that they earn a living by providing heavenly touch to tired bodies. Soon thereafter, they fall for each other - and get themselves into big trouble.

In Lamangan's oft-repeated cinematic imaginings, this is where we see bad politicos and corrupt police men who possess hordes of big burly men carrying guns, swatting poor denizens in their way. You guessed it too? Brilliant. Then you can predict the outcome of this story. These same burly contravidas were seemingly transplanted straight from "Fuschia" and even Lamangan's "Walang Kawala (No Way Out)" with Joseph Bitangcol and Polo Ravales. Only, this familiar reincarnation of metropolitan squalor has 3, no, 4 full frontal male genitalia swinging all over the celluloid canvas in wild abandon. Akala ko, anatomy class. Hahahaha.

Marco Morales, who always enjoys an enviable screen presence in floozy and run-of-the-mill "indies" shares his dickie wangwang along with Joash Balejado and a couple more extras where they are seen coming out of showers or getting out of a massage room. Alleluiah! Let the scrotal worshippers come rushing to the cinema. LOL. I wonder Marco Morales he keeps flashing the family jewels even in films where he is a virtual extra. His "Butas" seems to have made a lot of moolah thus he really deserves more lead roles, even in exploitation flicks like Heavenly Touch.

How are the performances? Balejado has the presence of former studs like Daniel Fernando, Julio Diaz, et. al. but he badly needs to learn the craft, and I guess it's not a very acceptable excuse that this is his first starrer. After all, there are intensive acting classes all over. On the other hand, Paolo Serrano comes off a natural - strong presence and movie star persona. There are no awkward moments even in ridiculous scenes where he's supposed to prey after Balejado. Baket? Serrano successfully breaks out from his usual male erotic features. Others in the cast suffer the fate of one-note characters: Irma Adlawan (who i thought has totally shed off her theatrical bad habits in several indie features - "Sa North Diversion Road", "Mga Pusang Gala", "ICU Bed 7", "Still Life") revisits these annoying habits ("Mga Munting Tinig", "Tukso", "Dose").

Lamangan is having a blast. But his "Huling Birhen sa Lupa" days are too far behind him, which is too bad. Then the Metro Manila Film Festival is just around the corner. Oh gawd!