Monday, July 28, 2008

Not A Haiku


I tried reciting it: (in my most nasal & jubilant voice)

Salon layp sopnes
Porty 8 a-wers.

Attention: Falmolib! Spare us this irritating product endorsement! Are you really advocating that people shy away from a daily trip to the shower? You can be sure, my dears, that 2 days after NOT taking a bath, your skin, you face, your hair will acquire oil to impart "sopnes" to every dead cell of this dead-integumentary body part called hair!

i'm ill

Rains poured heavily today. Once home, I snuggled comfortably under my comforter. The next couple of hours were bliss. I loved the smell of new sheets. Little did I realize I was about to suffer. I started retching. Calm down, I told myself. For a second, it got a little better. Must be the sound of the television comforting my senses.

Then, like a thief in the night, I was nauseated. My insides were gonna hurl violently into pieces of my entrails. This was bad! I touched my neck. Not even clammy nor feverish. Such affliction! God help me! I stood up, deliberately picking my balance. I pushed the "off" from my remote button. There! I think I'm going to survive.

I better stop listening to President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's State of the Nation Address (SONA) for my health's sake.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

chat america

Anthony, 20, is a chat buddy who lives in West Virginia. For the past 3 months or so, he has been living in a tent, “hicking around the states”. We have chatted before; heated debates and intensive treatise on American politics. I am not anti-American but for the sake of discussion concerning America’s electoral choice for president, we have agreed on the premise that “Americans are stupid”. I agreed with him after several points were raised, so do NOT crucify me on statements concerning this conversation. Several months back, we both predicted Obama's win against Hillary Clinton. It is interesting though how a relatively young American perceives his country’s electoral process. Last night, I caught up with him. Read on from an insider’s insight. C is for cathy; pretty me.

anthony: oh, so John McCain is definitely going to be elected president now
C: who says
anthony: I know my people
anthony: going to europe
anthony: big no-no
anthony: we as americans have this weird european inferority complex
anthony: its already hurn obama in the polls
anthony: hurt*
C: ur people are once again showing ur brand of intelligence
anthony: lol
anthony: no doubt
anthony: its just sad
anthony: he might recover from you know, looking intelligent and diplomatic
anthony: i hope he does
C: he should, otherwise, ur going to the dogs... and pull down with you all the other countries dependent on america
anthony: you know, he might make it if he rides a bull, kicks back a beer, and says something vague about nuking another country, we are setting our sights on iran... or pakistan
anthony: then he could win
anthony: lol
C: or say nucular
anthony: nuke-e-lur
C: america loves mediocrity
anthony: yes we do
C: must be the water ur drinking
anthony : right now, our media is saying that a man of mixed blood, a goat herder father from africa, a single mother, who paid off his college debt in his 40's
anthony: is elitist
anthony: and haughty
anthony: and McCain, whose father was an admiral, who got a free ride to West Point, and whose wife was an heiress to tens of millions of dollars
anthony: represents middle america and the working class
C: i think it's also too much big mac
anthony: how the hell does that add up?
anthony: lol
C: ur cows are diseased, mad cow, and they all go to ur brain processes
anthony: probably
C: ur all going mad
anthony: i think we have
anthony: I pray Obama can win this
anthony: for the good of the world
anthony: oh, I was watching the news, and they were debating whether or not Obama was the antichrist
anthony: and compared him to hitler
C: i rely on americans' knack for the bizarre
anthony: i wish i were making this up
C: a black guy is the new hitler?
anthony: apparently
anthony: arroring to rupert murdoch’s news corps
anthony: according*
C: and what? have him eradicate all the white
anthony: who knows
C: except brad pitt and tom cruise, please...
anthony: but yeah, right now I'm worried
C: lol
anthony: and david beckham, we like him here in america
C: well u also like jerry lewis
anthony: no some of us like jerry lewis
anthony: lol
C: jerry springer
anthony: not a personal fan
anthony: so yeah, the polls show McCain closing in
anthony: im depressed and wish I were drunk
C: drink up then
anthony: i will later

Conversation later turned to iconic actor named Jerry Lewis. Here's what Anthony shared with me:a classic clip from youtube.

John McCain (left) & Barack Obama (sea merman, right)
I thought it would be interesting to see Obama on the
Guess the two other ocean mammals and you might get an apple from me.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Couch Potato Tears

After placing a measly 3rd place at ABS-CBN’s Little Big Star talent show, Charice Pempengco’s mom prods her not to cry where everyone can see. Once inside her dressing room, Charice turns to her mom and pleads, “Puwede na po ba akong umiyak?” Her mother looks at her daughter, nods, and says, “Sige, pwede na. Pero sandali lang ha?”

And I thought I wasn’t gonna cry! (This, for being such a couch potato today!)

MMK episode "Ice Cream"
Some dreams take a million cones of ice cream.

On Dating Younger Men

I finally saw Charlie Green on tv. He guested on Entertainment Live and the 11-year old prodigy couldn't get a word in from Mariel Rodriguez and Toni Gonzaga. I would've wanted to hear more from him and his adorable accent. Mariel was flirting with an 11 year old. ("I'll wait for you when you're 20!") But I would be too if I were there. :-> The half-British, half Pinoy tyke is just so adorable.

Listen, I'm not into younger guys. Most of the time, they allow their hormones to dictate their every movement. However, that's what makes them interesting. You get what you see. For the occasional dates, my preference would be guys my age. At least we would have similar temperament and sociability quotient. But hey, I don't mind a single dinner night out with
Robi Domingo (of PBB Teen Edition). Blame it on my older-sis' instinct. :-> Really now, when you see them, don't you just wanna cuddle them?

Charlie Green is gonna have a show at the Shangrila Hotel in the coming days. Raise your hand if you'll agree with me that the tickets will cost you half your bike's mortgage. We would do better with a big-venue show like the Big Dome - or just a local CD recording.

Unfortunately, as Charlie said, he is still under contract with AI's resident judge
Simon Cowell's management company until September this year. This means, no local recording. Meanwhile, little Charlie will just have to contend with the fact that tents are still being set up infront of his English home. Fans, you know. And he will have to sing a different song other than Sinatra's "Summer Wind" when he sits down with Sharon Cuneta for the latter's show. Now, let's hear Charlie Green sing "My Way" the way barrio and beerhouse Pinoys do in their videoke best. Let's call it his rite of passage - for being a true-blue Pinoy.

As for
Robi Domingo, my dinner date invite stands. Don't worry, I'll bring my PSP with me.

Cuddly little boys Robi and Charlie.
P.S. I know Robi's already 18 or 19. He just seems way younger. Hmmm, the sheltered life.

one humdrum afternoon

All my energy's rarin' to be unleased but I'm stuck on a boring Saturday afternoon. Perhaps I need Enervon. Di ba, more energy, mas happy? Speaking of that irksome commercial, I've wondered how much KC Concepcion was paid to draw those smileys several times over. She has been a ubiquitous sight. In fact, as I write this, she has graced my television screen ad nauseam. She is a lovely lady, but I prefer to ogle at that cutie pie caucasian guy of the Century Tuna commercial.

Now that I think about it, Miss Concepcion is invading my life! Eeeeek! My mom spent a fortune to get this paleozoic coffee table from Iloilo to Manila. And guess what's on top of it? aka Cassandra! KC's debut cd! Both my teenage brothers seem to enjoy listening to it. Brian - the self-confessed school hearthrob - plays a particular song, then stares at this droll CD cover. It's scary looking at him like that. He has girls queueing for him in school - and he pines over a CD cover? Pathetic. And can I please get a tissue for his gob puddling my floor? Ewww.

To be fair about it, KC has a lovely voice. But on random tv guestings, she would rather go for those Alanis Morisette- type of songs "Imposible"? The level of difficulty is obviously a challenge for an artist's vocal prowess. Unfortunately, it also highlights her vocal limitations. This early in her musical career, she does NOT want to alienate new-found fans by revealing so much of her current limitations. She should learn from her dear mother. She will be good at this singing stuff, but it will take time. I am starting to get annoyed listening to her sing "Imposible" - especially when she starts wailing - ooooeeeeooohhhhh. Something like that. Only, more disgusting.

Where has that lovely voice gone? They are right there, in the lovely Tagalog tracks like "Doo Be Doo" (supposedly an African song adapted to Tagalog) and the endearing "Ngiti Lang", which is a Ryan Cayabyab song. I was born ages after many of Mr. Cayabyab's songs made the airwaves so I am not familiar with his supposed genius, but if just for this song, I have become a believer. When I feel down or displeased or aggravated, I secretly take KC's cd back to my room and secretly play "Ngiti Lang" - over and over - then I feel better. This is where I won't mind Ms. Concepcion invade my private space.

Too bad she seems to prefer hiding this feel-good song over the inane "Imposible". As for my hearthrob brother Brian, I'd kick his ass the next time he pervs on a droll CD cover. Makes me blush!

for pete's sake, buy the original

Friday, July 25, 2008

a start

Makes me blush to start a blogsite when i don't know exactly what i want to share. It just seems like an ambitious proposition to make anything i write seem interesting to anybody. But who knows? I know I am interesting. I was inspired by some blogsites that i have been reading for sometime now. I guess i'll make this my official rant space so maybe i can avoid too much whining. Now that's another plan. Or maybe i'll like it and make something positive out of this.

We shall see.