Tuesday, January 13, 2009

rourke vs penn

Between classes, I have avoided watching a Pinoy film these days. Forget Rory Quintos' Love Me Again, Piolo doesn't look fun in there! And what good is a romantic film without a fun-and-exciting hero? Forget Rufa Mae Quinto's funny antics, I am still not over the lobotomy that i suffered from watching the moronic lineup from the last MMFF. Thank God, there's Hollywood and the Oscars.

Sure, as it has been customary, we have continually berated on the Hollywood movie machine as nothing but a shallow and money-generating fuckups, but at a particular season like now, suddenly, great films crowd the cinematic gallery. To balance the horrific lack of intelligence in the Philippine MMFF movie season, Oscar-touted flicks gather round my Christmas tree!


And in my moments of movie-watching bliss, I suddenly realized that Mickey Rourke ("The Wrestler") just might steal the thunder from Sean Penn who was spectacular in Milk!

Go, Mickey!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

holiday virus and awarding mediocrity

Did you guys notice the virus that's been going around during the past Christmas-New Year holidays? My god! It sure hit me like the atomic bomb that hit Hiroshima and decimated a whole generation of people. It was a holiday shrouded with bad, bad, bad, bad films! Films that are spoonfed and forced on the Pinoys. Knowing that we - as Pinoys - love our movies, and admit it! - there's nothing better to do after all the Christmas revelry but sit on a dark corner of the theater, the organizers of the Metro Manila Film Festival has fielded a horrific lineup of movies. I of course reserved judgement after I have seen every one! Having done so, I suddenly developed a malady so grave I thought i wasn't gonna make it.

The result? Right after my very last movie, Mark Meilly's Baler - which I intentionally saved for last, I started getting stomach cramps. I could literally feel my brains getting chopped into pieces and my breath couldn't get rid of a stink so overpowering, I just felt sick! Heavens! Now I don't think I wanna invest my allowance on any Tagalog films at least for the good half of the year!

Now here's the funny thing:

They even dignified such festivities with an awards night! Hahaha! Awarding mediocrity is, after all, becoming the IN thing in the MMFF. It is tradition they've been carrying on long before I was even a fetus!