Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Crazies - Epidemics and Lunacy

Watching Breck Eisner's "The Crazies" is like sitting on your favorite chair on a lazy Saturday night watching your old favorite horror films once again. You just know what to expect!

Ogden Marsh, a sleepy town in Ohio, is suddenly enmeshed with a water-borne virus that turns people crazy. They go bonkers (paging Bea Alonzo!), start killing people (their wives and children), burn down their houses, then start to decay and eventually die! Sheriff Dutton - the very boyish Timothy Olyphant ("Hitman") - is caught in this horrific predicament that has the town being rounded up and quarantined by a very brutal army! Those who resist are shot on and incinerated on site! And you sometimes wish Gloria Macapagal Arroyo would turn up as one of the victims because God knows how badly she needs to vanish in our midst! ;->

After having seen too many pinoy digital films, you start appreciating films like "The Crazies" - clear photography, sound that isn't here now and gone later, movie budget that's sure worth your P170 cinema admission. Sure, it may need a dose of originality sometimes, but then at least you leave the cinema without sacrificing your eyesight - in comparison to watching pirated copy-quality movies on the big screen!

This Hawaii-born 6 footer is married with 2 children. He could have been "Iron Man" if Downey didn't happen!

Timothy Olyphant was a competitive swimmer while attending USC and actually became US National Finalist in the 200m individual medley. What a guy! Didn't like him all shaved in "Hitman" but he was good in it.

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