Friday, June 4, 2010

Beauty and the Briefcase - So Bad It's Good

It was one of those nights when I had to randomly pick a movie from my shelf. Light and fun. That's how the moment felt. Now, I have to say I never liked Hilary Duff when she was the teen queen. She was, to me, pudgy and self-absorbed. More importantly, she was pretty and blond. I'm just pretty. LOL

Now get this: In the film, Lane (Hilary Duff) is an ambitious writer who goes "undercover" to work at a financial firm. Her specific task is to get the low down on men in suits, men with ties, and briefcase-toting men. Her oh-so difficult job has her dating several, then she has to find love from the queue - then write about it! This rather preposterous mission will land her the cover story for Cosmopolitan Magazine!

A girl goes through all the nerve-wracking motion of landing a job at a male-dominated corporate world just to spy on the romantic proclivities of men? If I were that lucky to get my foot in the door, It's "Sayonara, Cosmo" - for real! The film wallows in its own realm of misreality! And if you can hurdle this ludicrous premise, you just might survive Hilary Duff 101.

The surprising fact was, I enjoyed the cluelessness of the story teller! In the film, they've created a checklist for a girl's potential mate: speaks with an accent, spontaneous, travels to exotic places, fashionable, etc. I can add more to the list: nice butt, plays basketball and looks good in shorts, looks like Matt Dallas ("Kyle XY"). Holy molly! Matt Dallas is actually in the movie, albeit as a laughably disposable character. Were the director and producer blind? That McMillian and Chris Carmack take the main cake while Matt Dallas gets the crumbs is injustice of universal proportion! In my book, Dallas should be Superman, Wolverine, Ethan Hunt, Jack Ryan, Danny Ocean, James Bond or errr... Peter North? ;->

Subsequently, most of the fun rests on how Lane (Duff's sprightly character) seems to move across the narrative trough unaffected! Duff maintains this sunshiny demeanor all through out, I was tempted to wear shades!

I finished the whole movie. I was close to getting disgusted with myself! Had a grin the size of Tulsa.

Some people call it guilty pleasures... when it's so bad, it's good!

Matt Dallas annihilates my speakers every time he speaks with his loud and low baritone! Makes me blush!

Chris Carmack: Music producer? Waiter? Conspicuously spurious British accent!


Anonymous said...

I WANT MATT DALLASSSSSSSSS. Where to get a copy of this?

Cathy said...

We'll just have to queue for that. I hope he is receptive to the advances of strangers!!! LOL