Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jennifer Love Hewitt Tackles Oldest Profession in “The Client List”

She was always the sweet girl with beauty queen looks and proud owner of melon mammaries I can only dream of! So when Jennifer Love Hewitt (JLH) decides to take on the role of Samantha, a young mother and wife who falls into hard times then suddenly finds herself in a massage parlor where she soon reigns as queen, I knew I had to watch.

In "The Client List", Samantha has always been the popular one, teen queen from her high school who eventually married her consort - the popular high school jock. But life hasn’t been easy for the dream couple; what with 3 young children and a house that had been served its foreclosure notice. As luck would have it, she finds an ad in the papers seeking for a masseuse – but as what we’ve expected from a former beauty queen, she thought all that was required from her was some shiatsu and deep tissue. How rudely she realized massage was farthest from her job description. But when she finally got the hang of it, money started “growing on trees”, so to speak. She gets her home back, but faces a life without her beautiful children and smokin’ hot husband Rex (Teddy Sears), as well as an unshakeable coke habit – and some ponderous times behind bars.

The story’s a tad predictable, and the script is nothing short of silly, despite its claim to be based on real events. Director Eric Laneuville’s movie teeters with unfocused vision, sometimes careening into light humor, then swerving into high octane melodrama that doesn’t quite soar! But I have always liked Jennifer Love Hewitt – so my attention was glued! Cybill Shepherd (“Moonlighting”) also appears as Love’s tough talking mother, and looking so beautiful despite the years!

Sam and Rex

Sam breaks his heart. But what did Rex actually do to save his family from losing their home?

Jennifer Love Hewitt

Teddy Sears was a shoo in for the role of "Captain America" which eventually fell on Chris Evans' scrumptious laps! He stands 6'3".

Here is a funny scene where JLH is having coffee with her girlfriends, as they talked about “men”.

Girl 1: Men and their pride!

Girl 2: Men are so complicated!

JLH: Come on. Men are so easy! He is thirsty! He is hungry! He is horny!

I knew there was a hint of brilliance somewhere in this movie! ;->

He comes from a family of Olympians, and he was swimming and football royalty in his early days. He finished a degree in business management, but soon found out he wanted the cinematic spotlight! And we can absolutely see why he thinks so too! Slurp! LOL


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Cathy P. said...

You're very well, Tupbebek. Did you know that Jennifer Love Hewitt also got nominated as Best Actress in a TV Mini-series for "The Client List" at the Golden Globe? That surprised me but I am happy for her.

She looked so lovely at the Golden Globe too. Congratulations to Ms. JLH for her nominations.