Tuesday, April 19, 2011

TV Spotlight - BBC's Radical Cop Drama "Luther"

BBC TV series are a rarity here in Manila and contemporary cop dramas are even more so. But I always enjoy most British TV shows that come my way because they are presented differently from the usual tired American soaps and dramas. There is a degree of "freshness" in their delivery (not to mention the sexy accent).

One case in point is the psychological crime drama "Luther" which stars Idris Alba (above). In its first episode alone, the cat-and-mouse situations between Chief Inspector John Luther (Alba) and the slippery beauty Alice Morgan (Ruth Wilson) are enough to keep you on your toes. And though Morgan's guilt is practically written on the wall, Luther couldn't present any evidence to support his allegations - and mere "hunches" aren't enough to prosecute a suspect, considering that the victims are the suspect's own parents!

A question begs to be asked: Have you watched a cop drama where a crime is never given its closure? Where its rightful perpetrator is identified but never prosecuted or apprehended? That would basically make the series petty and worthless, moot and academic, right? In the case of "Luther", it makes our protagonist doubly intriguing, rendering him some emotional gravitas, much like Bruce Wayne's dark past.

Only the Brits can make a cop drama where criminals run scottfree.

Indira Varma is the beautiful Zoe, Luther's ex-wife who finds "romance" elsewhere while John Luther was recovering from his emotional meltdown.

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