Thursday, May 17, 2012

Like Getting Raped! - Blush Gets Violated

Last night, while burning the midnight oil, writing a long delayed review of another Pink Film, I was googling for some of my past reviews as reference to Lucas Mercado's "Imahinasyon" when I inadvertently came across a link that had extensive use of "Make Be Blush".

The blog - Pinoy Indie Cinema!

I don't mind Film Blogs. In fact I have links of similar blogs. I love discourses about films, and I encourage people to write about their own "subjective" experience while watching films. But this particular blog  - Pinoy Indie Cinema - had something peculiar! In its 10 most read posts are 3 films with curiously very similar synopsis. When I clicked on one, I realized that the whole synopsis was mine! And it was made out as though the blog owner wrote them because there was no attribution to speak of! I eventually found 10 other movies with synopsis all plagiarized from "Make Me Blush" - featured as stand alone pages. Since these posts DO NOT have personal criticisms of their own, these synopses constitute 99% of each post. I couldn't help but get infuriated.

Writing these reviews aren't a walk in the park. I had to sometimes brave some of the most execrable movie houses (along with my dear friend Kyle) just to see them - then be able to write about them! And writing isn't easy when you don't like what you are watching, which is most of the case where Pink Films are concerned. But since this blog "tries" to document every Filipino Movie that gets shown commercially, I persist!


Last year, I had the same problem when another film blog did the same idiotic deed. I left him a note - and he apologized, saying: "I thought these were synopses from publicities." Of course he was trying to get off easy because if he had half a brain, he would know that these synopses have criticisms in themselves. And who is he fooling? Simply put, I wasn't born yesterday. He removed what wasn't his... and life went on as it should. But why am I fodder to these copyright infringements? I do not mind being referenced and quoted, but having my text-work copy pasted and taken as theirs is beyond tolerance

Why does it always happen to me? I am not the only one with film blogs!


Let's take for example the page post for "Dulas" in "Pinoy Indie Cinema". There was actually acknowledgment. After having the 3 paragraphs of summary, this was erroneously attributed to "Philbert Dy of Click the City"! What the... indeed! What idiot cannot copy paste and attribute properly?

Seeing my synopses in other blogs is not an issue, but when they are treated as anything but mine or Blush's, it becomes a grievous violation; like getting used and abused without my consent. It's not the most pleasant feeling. I left messages to the blog owner for the removal of my works. From here on, he is NOT welcome to any of my text works, acknowledged or not! I've so far gotten no reply. Blogger advises to click the "Flag" button, but the owner has conveniently hidden this. So I am left with the more inconvenient recourse.

How can people sleep soundly making blogs out of other people's hard work? More importantly, how can they own up something that is not theirs? Some people could be so "shameless", and it's better emphasized in its vernacular: "Walang hiya!"  

I was restless most of last night, I kept turning in my bed. But there are measures to be done. People have to respect intellectual property because there are repercussions when you don't!

To those who helped share this on Twitter and Facebook, to disseminate the misdeed, I don't know who you are, guys, but thank you! :)

Lastly, I would like to sincerely thank the Google Team for extending their help on this matter. When I faced a blank wall, you paid attention swiftly! Talk about competence. I could kiss you, guys! Thank you, thank you. Mwah!

I was able to screencap these pages as proof. Posted below are screen caps to the pages plagiarized from my reviews:

Here are some of the infringements I found:

FILM No. 1 - "Laro" - A review which I posted November 15, 2011

His blog used the full text of my synopsis without even asking for permission nor give attribution - posted March 3, 2012 Saturday

FILM No. 2 - "Salo (Share)" - A review I posted February 2, 2012

His blog used my text 2 weeks after and posted it February 16, 2012

FILM No. 3 - "Dulas (Slippery)" - a review I posted on July 24, 2011

His blog used my text work and published it February 23, 2012  - He even attributed it to a "Philbert Dy of Click the City" when it is clearly mine!

FILM No. 4 - "Balang Araw (Bullet Day" - a review I posted February 4, 2012

His blog used my text 12 days later on February 16, 2012
Even his trivia used my text verbatim, straight out from my article. He even used the screencaps I personally captured from the trailer. While the film isn't mine, this is putting emphasis that he blatantly uses other people's work.

FILM No. 5 - "Dyagwar" - A review I posted December 20, 2011

He used my text 2 months later on February 23, 2012

FILM No. 6 - "HIV" - A review I posted December 21, 2011

He used my text and even a couple of the photos I screencapped myself straight from the trailer of the film. He posted this 5 weeks later on February 13, 2012

FILM No. 7 - "Bingwit (Hook)" - I posted a review on September 16, 2011

He used my text on December 28, 2011 without my permission though he finally acknowledged that it indeed came from my blog. Still I did not allow this.

As though copy pasting my synopsis wasn't enough, he even quotes lines from  Click the City and Make Me Blush!

Even his trivia was copied verbatim from my review! Without attribution, of course!

Now he includes a critique for "Dulas", where does he lift it from? Make a good guess. Maybe it's his because once again, there was no acknowledgment!

These were 2 photos included in Pinoy Indie Cinema's movie stills, now  observe the pages from "Make Me Blush" below!

Check the text and the screen cap of Jake Cuenca! While I don't own the rights of the movie, these photos were personally screencapped by me for the article (the two featured above)!

Here is another copy pasted synopsis that's part of MY review. Guess where he got the photo? This is the only one with proper attribution. Stepped on crap that day?

Synopsis as part of my review gets plagiarized once again and made out like it's his! The first paragraph was tweaked differently... "figuratively playing the snake in paradise"? Haha. Ohgawd. But the rest of the article was mine, including description of the "hopelessly homely Lorraine Lopez". 

Verbatim copy pasting of MY synopsis with no attribution and taken like it's his own! 

Portion of the review of "Bahid" from "Make Me Blush". Spot the difference?


Yadu Karu said...

katakot! I guess he/she is lazy doing his/her own synopsis. Intellectual stealing yan. Broadcast mo MAKE ME BLUSH para malaman ng lahat

Cathy Pena said...

@ Yadu Karu:

More like kainis. :) Didn't want to post this nga but I felt I had to so this won't happen to others. It is just wrong.

TBR said...

it always happens to you because you're one of the very very few who write about current fringe releases. i used to have the same mission -- there's just too scant literature on pinoy queer cinema out there! -- but i stumbled by the wayside. please continue the good work, despite the plagiarists.

Cathy Pena said...

@ TBR:

Coming from you, that's a big pat on the back. :) You gotta get right back in the game.

Re: use of my text material, it's really weird because I do not forbid any one from using them; I am not "madamot" - as long as they attribute, like civilized beings. It felt like a gargantuan slap on the face when I found "them" un-acknowledged, like a disposable "property" that anyone could use anytime they want. For some reason, that really bothered me more than it should.

Write, write, write again...!

Thanks for the heads up. :) said...

Wow that's frustrating...

Cathy Pena said...


It was, but I've moved on, and the Google Team rectified the problem for me. So... on to the next review... :)