Monday, December 27, 2010

Photosensitive Extraterrestrial Creatures vs Brain Dead Tenants in Robert David Sanders' "The Blackout"

It's Christmas Eve at the Ravenwood Apartment complex. We are then gradually ushered into the lives of its tenants. A couple and their two children and the drunk brother-in-law; another couple on the verge of a divorce, though it's plain they still have feelings for each other; a nerd who's operating communication gadgets in a basement; a British super; a sexy girl who's up for a possible promotion and her infatuated boyfriend; and a girl who's holding a Christmas Eve party.

All day, the city has been experiencing intermittent tremors and power failures, and government agencies offer no explanation. That night, the residents of Ravenwood are given a glimpse as to why.

I'd have to admit most of what transpired on screen caught my interest. But like most characters in the genre, the whole narrative is full of stupid characters that deserve their comeuppance. Unfortunately, in this film, even the likeable characters end up torn to pieces.

There's not much explanation on the origin of the creatures, which look like human scorpions with a claw-ended tail. Another creature looked like mutated horseshoe crabs. It's not even explained if the creatures were indeed photo-sensitive (photophobic?) or they just attract light, thus shutting down electricity grids, causing city-wide blackouts.

If you're bored, with nothing much in matters of productive activity, director Robert David Sanders' "The Blackout" isn't a bad alternative.

Spoilers here: And they have to kill off Michael Caruso? What a waste of cuteness. ;->

Have a heart. The first casualty is a child.

Marital woes bringing this couple together. But when they were being hounded by the creature, they kept looking at the creature instead of running away. Talk about idiotic characters.

Barbara Streifel Sanders, Ian Malcolm and Anthony Tedesco playing the annoying nerd.

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