Saturday, December 25, 2010

She Just Doesn't Love You - "Unrequited"

Growing is never an easy thing for anybody. Not when you witnessed your dad commit suicide and your mom has succumbed to the booze. Ben (Michael Welch) is sent away to a group care program where after 6 months, he is able to come back home. Unfortunately for Ben, his mother doesn't seem too interested with his presence anymore. To make matters worse, the girl he was seeing before - the pretty Jessica (Sarah Habel) is now infatuated with a college guy Todd (Justin Baldoni) whose main goal in life is to get inside her pants.

From a rather GP countenance, "Unrequited" gradually turns into PG with the underpinnings of a psychological thriller. Populated by a pretty cast, this otherwise run-of-the-mill story is set afloat by the charming Michael Welch and his co-stars and an idyllic setting somewhere in a serene Oklahoma lakeside county. The movie feels more like a TV movie than a film feature which is really a disappointment from director Jason Epperson.

And, dang! See what overdependence on mobile phones does to a good looking kid. ;->

Michael Welch is Ben. In the "Twilight" saga, he plays popular Mike Newton.

Sarah Habel is Jessica.

Justin Baldoni plays hormone-crazed Todd

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