Sunday, January 30, 2011

Season of the Witch - A Baffling Mess

If you've already watched Dominic Sena's "Season of the Witch", I am not too sure if you could smoothly digest the salient pieces that make up the tale within the film: a bubonic plague that uncharacteristically looked like gigantic wart-like excrescences instead of the lymph node-based illness (one priest had his tumor-like growth at his temple, is there a lymph node at the forehead?); a witch who was mysteriously spared from being burned at the stakes; a mysterious forest leading to a castle full of dead priests who possess a book on sorcery (priests + sorcery = logic, right?), and finally, exorcism!

In the story, 14th century warriors who abandon their legion's ghastly massacre of innocent civilians find themselves in a town gripped with fear. Before long, they had to make a deal with the town's superiors to accompany a young suspected witch (they call her "The Girl") to a monastery through a perilous forest. The priests there were gonna sort her out! But why waste their time with her when they invariably killed the others?

The story has several gaping holes that ultimately bog down the whole movie into something so carelessly woven together. Nicolas Cage, along with its cast: Ron Perlman, Claire Foy, Robert Sheehan, do their best for their characters, but when the basic premise rests on a nemesis that ultimately points to "the devil" himself, why waste time with a helpless girl who's shackled in the dungeons of a castle? Isn't the Devil supposedly mightier than any man-made chains? Couldn't she free herself out of Lucifer's vast power? Go figure!

Claire Foy

Robert Sheehan is Kay, who wanted to be knighted like his father. One of the bright few moments in this otherwise dreary flick.

Sheehan and Foy enjoy a moment outside their shoot!

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