Friday, November 18, 2011

TV Series - "Blood Ties" and Fanged Creatures

It's interesting how vampire stories keep sprouting up in the market. "Blood Ties" has been around since 2007, but I've never had the chance to watch it until recently. It's also making the rounds of syndication worldwide, thanks mostly to that little known saga involving ashen faced Edward Cullen and equally pallor Bella.

In "Blood Ties", a private investigator Vicki Nelson (Christina Cox) becomes witness to a back street mauling of a waiter, but what she saw was a "big man wearing a cape". Superman maybe? Or Batman - who has a bigger cape? Alas! The victim's wounds were found on his neck with saw-like serrations... blood drained dry from the victim's body. The Toronto police doesn't believe in vampires, or do they?

Vicki used to work for the police department until she was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa which would force her working behind desks instead of being out in the fields. Detective Mike Celucci (Dylan Neal), Vicki's former partner and occasional lover, was, of course disappointed with Vicki's decision. But this murder and mauling case will have them working beside each other - again.

Meanwhile, a sinister soul, Henry Fitzroy (Kyle Schmid) is made aware of this spate of grisly murders. Henry is - hold your breath - a 500 year old vampire! The character itself is based on a historical character who chose love over familial duty and sacrificed his mortal life to remain forever with the woman he loved but circumstances disallows him to stay with the girl. These days, he lives as a graphic novelist in downtown Toronto who, while investigating the case, gets drawn to the willful demeanor of Vicki. A romantic triangle ensues, thus giving the series its compelling tension amidst gore and blood thirsty creatures.

I partial to the constant squabble and intermittent flirtations between Vicki and Mike (a throwback to the old school TV series in the 80's) , while Henry pursues and helps out the aggressive private investigator. These good looking vampires are gradually making their way around the world, and you kinda wonder when they will set sail towards the Philippines. Maybe they can head straight to that ex-president's room and suck her dry? And include her school of greedy piranhas. Errr... I mean, relatives! And since there are talks of the aforementioned seeking asylum to the Dominican Republic, maybe Henry can inform his fanged compatriots in Santo Domingo to give them their due welcome once they make their getaway?

Watch for those steely neck brace though. Bon appetit, Henry!

Vicki Nelson, private investigator

Henry Fitzroy

Detective Mike Celucci

Vicki and Mike share intimate details.

Christina Cox

Christina Cox

Christina Cox

Kyle Schmid

Kyle plays 500 year old Henry. He bares his razor-sharp fangs above.

Kyle Schmid

Kyle Schmid

Dylan Neal plays Detective Mike Celucci, Vicki's occasional lover and former partner.

Dylan Neal poses for a ladies' magazine.

Dylan Neal

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