Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ladies & Gentlemen, Another Plagiarist - "Pink Movies"

Deja vu? Now here we go again!

Not quite a month from my last grief, I have once again discovered the shameless shenanigans of some people. Part of my review for "Daklot" has once again been used without due attribution or permission. Again? You better believe it.

If you were hiding in a rock and missed the aforementioned, here it is - (Pinoy Indie Cinema - the usurper and uber-plagiarist - has been taken down and is now but a figment of memory!)


I was just researching for better photos (I make it a point to provide photos of a movie's cast so people know who I am talking about, thus making my verbose reviews a little more tolerable) for one of the actors in another Pink Film I am writing about (Cleo Paglinawan's "Mga Lalake sa Balsa" - review of this film follows after this post) when I chanced on a site - Pink Movies (Movies in Pink) which seems quite popular. In fact, I've come across this site in the past.

What I cannot fathom is, how can people so shamelessly lift my work without acknowledgment? Is it really so hard to do that? It's not like this blogger "borrowed" just 3 or 5 words, but 89 words I slaved to write. I had to go out of my way and find these scary cinemas, pay for the admission, suffer in silence just to watch, then force myself to write a review. Only to be copy pasted by dimwits who are too lazy and "inutil" to acknowledge his source!


Now why is it so difficult to attribute and acknowledge the writer of the piece? Sure, he has a disclaimer that somehow allows him to sleep at night after copy pasting other people's works - but no disclaimer is an excuse for plagiarism. No disclaimer is ever an excuse to steal intellectual property.

Plagiarism is stealing!

Now I do not want to close down another blogsite. I am no bully (I hate People's Republic of China with a  passion for claiming to own what's clearly not theirs), but what's mine should be regarded and recognized as mine. So I shall wait for a positive action, i.e. "removal of those 89 words" from the aforementioned site - or I shall file another Copyright Infringement Case (which is a tedious process). I have done this before and this should get easier.

As proof, compare the written material from "Pink Movies" (above) and "Make Me Blush" (below).

If there's further delay in my posting two successive Pink Films Reviews (I have a backlog of 6 Pink Films, all shown this year 2012), blame it on these plagiarists!

Ohgawd!  I hope this doesn't become a monthly dilemma.


Armando dela Cruz said...

I'm saddened by your news. Content theft is as though a natural occurrence to us bloggers. I remember a few months ago the distinct shift of my face's expression when I've read a "user" review for rottentomatoes; and another on imdb. I found out that both reviews are from the same person, and posted my review in the two heavyweight movie websites. He apparently tries to market an online DVD/Blu-ray store.

I reckon if I'd kick him in the butt, I'd earn nothing of greater weight. Thus, I let IMDB take action and suspended his account. Now I'm wearing a smiley face; the kind Hannibal Lecter wears each time he eats his victims.

I hope you'd get through this Cathy; sure you can. You write great reviews.

Cathy Pena said...

Thanks, Armand. It's just infuriating to become victim to these parasites over and over again.

How can these low lives venture into maintaining a blogsite that "provides information" at the expense of other people, usurping their intellectual property? It's become such a shameless "kapalmuks" society of mendicants altogether.