Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Diane Ventura's TheRapist - Living with the Other

After being accused of rape, Alex (Marco Morales) attends a psychotherapy session with a psychiatrist (Cherie Gil) who listens to her client’s impassioned defense. He recalls the incident that transpired. He met Shar, the alleged victim, at a frat party. But a few drinks later, Alex is in a bedroom with Shar. Things happened. 

 Alex insists it was consensual, and bemoans this double standard against men. The shrink concedes and says it is indeed “discriminatory and prejudiced”. Before long, Alex is assured by the doctor - “You’re not a bad person.

She opens up saying that her profession actually contributes to the abuse because “probing into the psyche of another person is a (form of) violation.” The session ends. But as Alex walks out of the room, we realize that Alex was never in the room. Door closes, and we see a sign that reads: "Dr. Alex Laney."

"TheRapist", as titles go, is a clever word play descriptive of the theme. Director Diane Ventura's psychological drama indubitably justifies how a good story doesn’t require protracted screen time to tell a thought-provoking tale. Like her main feature "Mulat", she tackles urgent psychological issues; i.e. schizophrenia and psychological abuse. Both Gil and Morales shine in this provocative short, a fully realized cinematic achievement.

Marco Morales, Cherie Gil, and director Diane Ventura

Marco invites you to his boudoir.

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Bb. Melanie said...

I miss Marco Morales. I want him back and do sexy scenes again hihihihi!

Cathy Pena said...

I'm not surprised, Ms. M. ;)