Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Gavin O'Connor's "The Accountant" - Ben Affleck, Autism and Accountancy

Sounds like a Danish film I saw at the last Danish Film Festival - Christoffer Boe's perverse "Sex, Drugs and Taxation". While tax lawyer Mogens Glistrup (Nicolas Bro) has a blunt affect, Christian Wolff (Ben Affleck) has autism. But Christian has a different story altogether. 

While growing up motherless, Christian and brother Braxton (Jon Bernthal) were raised by a strict military father who prepared them to fight for themselves. He knew that oddball Christian would encounter bullies as he grows up. Their dysfunctional childhood is shaped by their father's constant transfer: they moved 34 times in 17 years. 

After their father's death, Christian disappears for 10 years and resurfaces as a forensic accountant. Due to his business-like demeanor, Christian is able to deal with shady characters from Tehran arms dealers to international drug lords and money launderers. This time though, he is hired to trace the $61 million loss of a robotics company due for initial public offering (IPO). With the help of in-house accountant Dana (Anna Kendrick), Christian uncovers a plot perpetrated by the most unlikely suspect. 

I initially expected a story line that involved political conspiracies, international terrorism and arms deal, but Christian's background is a mere back story. 

Instead, the story focuses on a highly functional autistic protagonist who sincerely cares about the good people. He even donates most of his earnings to an institution that supports neuroscience research and cares for the mentally handicap, the NT's (neuro-typicals).

While emotionality is a characteristic far removed from most autistic persons, i.e. ability to foster emotional connection with others, Christian's tale makes a compelling story; one that parallels do-gooders like errr. Batman or James Bond or Ethan Hunt. Moreover, he has amazing gadgets, Indonesia-trained killer chops, an impeccable marksmanship and love for the finer things (like classical music and Pollock paintings). 

And he's easy on the eyes as well. 

What more can you ask for in a non-flying, non-caped, unarmoured hero?  

Braxton wants to watch Glen's demise in "The Walking Dead".

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