Thursday, May 20, 2010

Here Comes The Bride - Hilarity Gets a Brain

We've heard about the solar eclipse and the 5-vehicle pile up along Magnetic Hill - the one that culminated into a body-switching gaffe, a cinematic fiesta replete with some of local cinema's funniest scenes. A loud spinstery lawyer (Eugene Domingo) snags a young well-abused nanny's body (Tuesday Vargas). The nanny gets an old, wealthy invalid (Jaime Fabregas) who, in turn gets the able-bodied but very swishy beautician (John Lapus). The limp-wrist hits gold and gets the body of a virginal blushing bride-to-be (Angelica Panganiban) who acquires the body of affection-hungry, loud mouthed lady lawyer. If a tad too confusing, this comes into fluid retelling in Director Chris Martinez's able hands!

These bifurcating storylines enjoy freshly-cooked gags that work pretty well, considering the staple of highly intuitive actors that inhabit the characters. Angelica Panganiban is once again a revelation. She relishes her lividly gay persona with spirited brio. Her gay-speak deliveries are, in fact, pleasurable linguistic cadences, deliciously frivolous to inspire streetwise mimics. Yes, Angelica is even gayer than John Lapus in his pinkest moments! What a joy!

Eugene Domingo brandishes with lawyerly arrogance, but her heavy delivery soon gets tiresome. We do have to remind Ms. Domingo, one of our favorite comediennes, that eternally angry characters with inadequate character development can wear down her audience. After all, who wants to watch a constantly nagging woman on the silver screen! When her lawyer persona transforms into the Angelica's blushing bride-to-be, the result isn't seamless. In fact, she gets as awkward as when John Lapus becomes testosterone-charged Jaime Fabregas. But the scenes that require hunky Tom Rodriguez to kiss Domingo (who's supposedly Tom's gf) does make one shiver with uneasy pleasure. It's any girl's fantasy!

John Lapus works hard as wheel chair-bound Lolo Bien who suddenly acquires ambulatory legs and the sexual appetite of a younger man. He is less successful in his characterization (read: Lapus can't disguise himself as a straight guy). The parlorista switching body with Angelica becomes a gay man's vagary - for which flaming fag wouldn't party if he suddenly acquires Angelica's voluptuous body and luminous beauty - all at his disposal! What could be close to hitting the jackpot than marrying a sizzler that's Tom Rodriguez? A gay man could get dizzy with the salubrious possibilities!

"Here Comes The Bride" is funny cinema acquiring a brain!

Tom Rodriguez

Angelica Panganiban in her gay countenance faces a beefy audience.

Eugene Domingo takes the fast ride to her wedding!

Angelica and Tom - Perfect match, with or without solar eclipse!

P.S. The movie poster is distinctly similar to the Vince Vaughn comedy "Couples' Retreat". (See the poster in this blog's entry on "Couple's Retreat". - or click here -

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