Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Robin Padilla Apologizes to Wowowee Fans; Warns People Against Illegal Guns

In todays' Wowowee show, which marked Robin Padilla's 3rd day to temporarily replace King of Arrogance himself, Willie Revillame - Philippine Showbiz's acknowledged Bad Boy apologizes to the show's fans!

Before starting his song ("Kahit Konting Pagtingin"), he swaggers languidly then starts his spiel, "Para sa mga naiinis sa akin dahil ako'y nandito (sa "Wowowee"), ako po'y humihingi ng paumanhin. Ako po'y naririto lamang sa ngalan ng Bayanihan para matulungang di magsara ang inyong paboritong programa! Muli, ako'y humihingi ng tawad kung kayo'y naiinis dahil ako'y naririto!" The audience roars to disagree, for how can any living soul not melt with such humility and overflowing charm! His star power runneth over! He further clarifies, "Ako'y nandidito lamang ng panandalian!" Watching him boyishly grovel an earnest plea made me blush! Such commanding presence made my toes curl!

When guests like Mr. Padilla expresses concern about a show like "Wowowee", you get a curious feeling how a talentless Mr. Willie Revillame can easily abandon a show that has enriched him in so many ways. Arrogance after all knows no bounds when it concerns individuals whose claim to fame rests on making fun of people's desperation!

In the same show, eternally funny Pokwang mischievously banters with the youthful Superstar to which he gamely replies with, "Nawawala ako sa sarili ko sa kaseksihan mo!" Sure, Padilla is a time-tested ladies man, but we somehow believe his harmless banter. Talk about star power.

The day's program featured military personnel. When the subject of guns came up, Robin gamely reminded people against illegal possession of firearms. "Tatlo't kalahating (3 1/2) taon akong nakulong dahil dyan," Robin cautions. I can't quite believe how after all these years, Robin's forthrightness and magnetism are as potent as when he was actively flirting with a then-svelte Megastar! Has it really been two decades?

Padilla. Youthful charm, star magnetism & sincerity endear him further to Wowowee audience. He is also single. (hrrmmmm... I would be too if you say the word! LOL)

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