Saturday, May 15, 2010

Frenchie Dy Finds One Big Fat Love (MMK) - And On Reruns & Closing Shop

In Maalaala Mo Kaya’s (MMK) “Taxi” episode, we were treated to a rare lesson on the essence of a true unadulterated love! It takes the shape of a morbidly obese woman and a baby faced driver who in an otherwise myopic world would not find romance together! Though the narrative unravels in simplistic exposition, the core of this real-life story is one lesson of hope; that the concept of attraction doesn’t solely rest on physical attributes; that character, sincerity and an open-minded demeanor help individuals in their search for happiness!

In a capsule, Arnie (singing champion Frenchie Dy) is content with the fact that no man will ever find her attractive. One fateful night, she takes a cab driven by an amorous guy – Jake (the coyly charming and self-effacing Janus del Prado). When he offers to drive her home for free – an unlikely friendship develops, soon evolving into a firm handshake of “subukan nating maging tayo”. They encounter resistance from Arnie’s father (Lito Pimentel) who finds the relationship suspect, but the couple seems to genuinely love each other. Then a text message from nowhere reveals another girl. Is Jake taking Arnie for a ride? A rather sloppily executed climax (Jake accidentally walks in on a very sick Arnie) almost drags the narrative thread down, but the palpably vulnerable performance of Dy and Del Prado makes up for what turned out to be a predictable, but nonetheless affecting conclusion.

Every girl dreams of a Prince to love her; one who overlooks that unsightly flab rudely jutting out from her tummy; one who doesn’t notice the blemishes on her skin or the less than perfect – frazzled hair! Once in a blue moon, a lucky girl finds that prince – and I celebrate that love with them! May you be happy forever!

On that note, I have noticed the constant rerun of previously shown stories in recent MMK episodes. “Taxi” (directed by Mae Cruz – and had a strong supporting cast: Vice Ganda, the lovely Paw Diaz, Saicy Aguila, Lito Pimentel) was shown January 24, 2009 last year, and though I am glad to have finally caught it this time, it does make you wonder what’s up with MMK? Is it going to fold up soon? Nagtitipid? Is the nation's alleged number one television station cash-strapped and can no longer afford new episodes for its flagship drama anthology? Why all these reruns? It is a prime time slot after all! Sayang!

MMK - closing shop soon?

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