Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Drew and Justin Go The Distance

The day Garrett (Justin Long) is dumped by his girlfriend of 6 months, he meets Erin (Drew Barrymore) who ends up in his bed that night. The morning after becomes an uneasy moment (don’t they always), and despite admission of their mutual attraction with each other, there is a caveat: she only has 6 weeks (as an intern at a New York daily) then she flies back to California. But since she just ended a messy relationship, she isn’t ready to dive into a new one. With that cleared, the couple enjoys Erin’s remaining days, uncommitted. When Garrett finally takes her to the airport for her flight back home, they realized the undeniable truth staring at them on the face. They care for each other – and they would like to be in touch.

Thus commences a long distance love affair that endures those agonizing holidays, missed schedules, and pent-up desires. Would they overcome the odds of such a relationship?

Though we only have admiration for couples on long-distance relationships, it isn’t for us. For how can a couple grow together when they are far apart? Love is sometimes a chemical reaction and when the other entity is miles away from you, you will end up with nothing but a placebo. Do we believe such a thing exists? Of course. How else would you explain families of thousands of Filipinos where one is forced to work over seas. I am sure that a lot of sacrifice is encountered, and multitudes don’t quite make it. The rest who does will continue to persevere – and the sweetest of such affections are borne from anticipations, and text messages, cam meetings and tearful phone calls. “Going The Distance” is an amorous tale lovingly and light heartedly told. Drew Barrymore and Justin Long make such an adorable pair. I didn’t use to think so.

Going the Distance” is directed by Nanette Burstein who directed docu-reality movie “American Teen” which we wrote about a few months back.

Garrett and Erin should get a room! Exchanging uvulas at the Grand Central Park is way too vulgar.

Airports are a perfect site for rude realizations.

Oliver Jackson-Cohen plays Damon, Erin's major temptation in "Going the Distance". He hails from London and has done several Westend plays and TV series. He will appear next alongside Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in the thriller, "Faster". He stands 6'3".

Oliver Jackson-Cohen

Dwayne Johnson with Oliver Jackson-Cohen in "Faster".

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