Saturday, September 11, 2010

TV Series Spotlight - Half Filipina in ABC's Alien Sci-fi "V"

I was quite taken with the sci-fi remake "V". The story commenced much like Neill Blomkamp's "District 9" where 29 huge spaceships were seen hovering over Earth's major cities (France, London, Cairo, L.A., etc). As characters were gradually introduced, we are ushered into the superficial motives of the visitors. Power started to fluctuate, then a giant screen soon beams the image of a fetching woman named Anna, the Visitors' High Commander. They come in peace, as what they'd have us believe. They say they're ecstatic to find another living being in the constellation, and they're willing to share the advances of their civilization, including medical advances to heal the sick (they seem to provide health "miracles"). But in return, they need to replenish some requisite minerals for survival, etc. But what started as an amorous introduction is unravelling into sinister acts from the Visitors (thus "V").

One of the characters is that of Ryan Nichols, played by african-american Morris Chestnut, who is at the throes of proposing to his girlfriend Valerie, played by the charming Lourdes Benedicto. And every time the screen shows Benedicto, I'd tell myself how pretty this girl was, she reminded me of Halle Berre. But we weren't sure if she was a Latina or a mulatto African-American. After a few readings, we were surprised with what we learned.

Lourdes Benedicto is indeed an American actress of Filipino-Dominican descent! In fact, I have seen her in several other shows: the musical "Fighting Temptations" with Beyonce, and the TV series "Cashmere Mafia". As of this writing, I've only finished the first episode of the first season, so I have a long way to go. ABC renewed the series for its 2nd season, set to return this November 2010.

We were also quite pleased to find Scott Wolf as a ratings-hungry news anchor Chad Decker. How the years have been kind to Scott Wolf, he looks almost-exactly the same as he did in "Party of Five" eons ago. Another interesting character dynamics exists between the mother and son, Erica and Tyler Evans (Elizabeth Mitchell and Logan Huffman, respectively). Mom works for the FBI, while her son Tyler is quite besotted with Lisa, the daughter of the alien's head commander. So Tyler enlists himself as a V Peace Ambassador without his mom's permission (he's only 17).

But something is brewing, and the authorities find a few ominous signs that the aliens may be planning something more than extending their hand in friendship.

I'd say the plot thickens.

Morena Baccarin plays the manipulative V High Commander Anna.

Mother and son look up to see the alien ship hovering above New York City.

Lourdes Benedicto finds the ring.

Lourdes Benedicto is half Filipino and half Dominican.

Logan Huffman is one of the resident eye-candies in "V". He plays Tyler Evans, the female lead's son.

Scott Wolf is news anchor Chad Decker who gets exclusive interviews from Anna.

Scott Wolf


Dempsey Sanders said...

I was a fan of the original series, and was unaware they were redoing it. So thanks for the post ha ha, will certianly give it a go.

Cathy P. said...

It must have been a good one to inspire a remake, but the premise in the updated version looks interesting. :->