Monday, February 21, 2011

Makemeblush Gets Pirated!

My friends Tricia and Kyle brought me a present wrapped in a flat box earlier today. Instead of excitement, I was awash with suspicion. Something here feels fishy, and since I am not celebrating anything today, I knew I was gonna be in for some surprise!

So I unwrapped the box and tore the carefully folded wrapper. What surprised me was a pack of pirated DVDs - 3 "Pink Films": "Dampi" (with Carlos Morales, Kirby de Jesus), "Pagnanasa" (with Marco Morales and Charles Delgado) and Crisaldo Pablo's "Mga Pinakamahabang One Night Stand 2".

What gives? I have seen these titles, and even reviewed them here in this blogsite.

I arched my brows and smirked! Then Kyle - with his knowing grin - looking every bit the gorgeous man that he is. "Turn them around and read the movie description," Kyle offered.

For a few seconds, I was disoriented. The words were familiar. Then I realized, they were mine! My reviews here in makemeblush have been made pirated DVD blurbs and movie descriptions - verbatim!

In fact, even my blog title for "Pagnanasa" - was used at the front, under the main title: "When Telling a Story is Like Shooting Blanks!" Haha! Hilarious! Yup, that's mine! They even used the photos that I used in the blog post!

Don't I get royalties for that?

Look, I don't patronize pirated DVDs, but I don't mind if others do. To each his own, but I have no need to do so because I get to watch them at the theaters and pay for their admission fees, why bother with pirated films?

I am writing this post to clarify that, though my reviews and thoughts have been used by these pirated DVDs, I am absolutely in no way associated with the people behind these aforementioned discs. Mabuti na yung malinaw!

"Sikat ka na!" (You're popular!) Tricia ribbed me! I am not so sure if I should be flattered with such unauthorized use in "mainstream piracy land" - and people reading my reviews at the back of these DVD covers! A few of my reviews have also been referred as "external reviews" from the imdb.

Now my thoughts are ubiquitously found at the back of pirated Tagalog Pink Films. Wheeeee! I should go to Quiapo and sign autographs. LOL

If only they pay me for their business... ;->

Post script:

Now I just learned that even our review for "Indie Boys" is in piracy land!


RM Topacio said...

di kasi ako web dev, e.. pero paayos mo yung html etc mo para hindi ma-copy-paste.. ipadisable mo din right click...para mahirapan silang kopyahin 'yung text mo.

(suggestion lang..) ;)

Cathy P. said...


I have no idea how to go about doing that. It seems too complicated and I am really clueless on techie stuff. So I'll just let them be.

I just wanted a formal disclaimer kasi baka habulin ako for piracy. Haha

It's just weird to find my rants at the back of these pirated DVDs.

Cathy P. said...


It is hard to leave a comment to your pieces in your blog. It would feel like an intrusion.

Hope you eventually get your stride back.

TBR said...

happened to me too. welcome to the club. lol.

you should check sites that offer downloads of these movies. they might be using your "blurbs" too.

also, congratulations, in a way. this really means there's a dearth of literature on pinoy movies, especially indies, and especially especially ignorable indies, those not Art enough or too low profile for the average press or critic. your contribution to philippine cinema is now indispensable. i've known this for some time about your blog, and the pirates know it too. :)

Cathy P. said...


Aww. That's so sweet, re: contribution to philippine cinema. What I know is people miss your reviews @ TBR (at least those not into twitter).

I don't really mind getting "pirated" but it's funny because mine are mostly rants and I make no apologies for them. I just don't want to be dogged by people from Optical Media Board (OMB) because of such association. I hardly own pirated DVDs.

Thanks for the nice words, TBR.

RM said...

Ok lang, Cathy, P. :)

Lilipas din 'to. pero may mga ikokomento sana ako sa gmail thread e.. nakakarelate ako..

RM said...

May mga plano din akong i-abandona ang Libido at Likido.

Kasi after all, who cares about my personal rants? Minsan may mga nag-eemail sa kin, and it gives me the feeling of artista sa blog.."kamusta na kayo?" "s'ya po ba yung babae sa novel, niyo sir?"..kasalanan ko din naman.. masyado kong naging emosyonal sa pagsusulat.

Baka simulan ko na 'yung book review/music/indie/NGO blog.

pero ewan.. magulo concrete plans yet. reading Bolisay and yer works, ok na muna ko ;)

Cathy P. said...

How else do I write my blog pieces if I am not emotionally invested in them?

I write the blog for myself, and I believe blogs are meant to be personal. For one, it's cathartic - and it is your very own opinion that you're writing about. Nothing is absolutely wrong about it.

I think people write blogs because they want to express themselves. It is born out of passion, emotions and self-expression. Anything less than that would make any blog clinically bland.

I'd say keep your "Libido Likido" blog because it has documented your thoughts at particular moments in time - happiness, affection, desire, appreciation, grief, longing. One day you will look back with a certain fondness for these thoughts written on your blog space. It's a piece of personal history. Why erase it?

And who says you cannot write your thoughts on movies, NGO, music in "Libido Likido"? Are there statute of limitations stopping you from doing so?

My gmail is open for whatever you need to say too.