Tuesday, February 1, 2011

REWIND: Jeepers Creepers - A Horror Classic with Old World Fright

A charming pair of brother and sister take the long road home for spring break. They bicker like little children, and for a while we were enjoying the ride with them. It felt like me and my younger brother - he feels as though he's God's gift to women - and for the most part, he could be right! Just when their bickering gets stale, they see a cloaked man dumping bodies at a churchyard hole! The same guy who deliberately bumped them off the deserted highway!

If you're thirsting for a great spine-tingler - and you haven't seen Victor Salva's "Jeepers Creepers" which hasn't aged one bit, get yourself a copy! On my repeat viewing of this 2001 film, it still succeeded scaring the bejesus out of me! When the scary scenes rely more on story than CG effects, the result is more visceral. And that's not an easy feat!

Gina Philips & Justin Long (in his first lead starrer) deliver the brotherly and sisterly goods!

Gina Philips & Justin Long - Siblings take the long road to thriller!

She's just protecting her cats!

Justin Long & gf Drew Barrymore enjoy the waves!


sineasta said...

Have you seen Going the Distance where Justin Long suddenly becomes Justin Looooong?! The movie pretty much sucks for me, but JL was too hard to resist! Haha.

Cathy P. said...


Yes, I actually wrote a little piece on "Going The Distance" here. ;->