Saturday, March 12, 2011

Eye Popping Moves and Shallow Tales - League of Extraordinary Dancers

As a rule, I watch dance flicks without expecting a plausible story. Most of them are logic-challenged. In short & sweet description - lame, and having prior expectations will only bring disappointment. However, Jon Chu's "League of Extraordinary Dancers" started with a propitious premise. Moreover, the visuals are out of the ordinary.

In provocative fashion, a group of people are being recruited to join a team that will start an uprising against an evil force. These people possess special abilities - they can dance up a storm; they are "specialists" in their own field (Bboys, Hiphop artists, Tappers, etc.)

I didn't realize that I was watching a season premiere of a TV series. The story of Trevor Drift, played by Luis Rosado, was a promising start - about a shy high school kid who's too bashful to invite a girl to prom, but as the story moved on, it turned into something else. A narrator - Roger Aaron Brown - smugly tells the story of how it all began, using some of the most gratingly stale lines. "You can forget the past, but..." Get it?

Divided into chapters, the "extraordinary" people are gradually introduced - and how they got their "LXD invitations" - in well conceived choreographed dances telling their stories. I have two favorite portions: the "Duet" (a guy and a girl wakes up one morning - each one is showcased in a separate panel, but they share a uniform dance) and the spectacular "magical shoe" segment that showcased Harry Shum Jr. - a segment called "Elliot's Shoes"! With my jaw dropping 10 floors down, I couldn't believe the gravity of Shum's terpsichorean skills, it's practically impossible to describe "movements" like that into words. You simply have to see it to believe it! In one part of Shum's dance, he was dancing with a mop! And I wouldn't have it any other way! Solo dancing has never looked this good - or sexy! And you slowly understand the magic of solitary pleasuring!

Through dancing, I mean! ;->

Luis Rosado is Trevor Drift, a shy Bboy who doesn't have the "balls" to invite a girl for the prom.

Harry Shum Jr. and the pleasures of dancing alone!

Shum - Doing it alone is his best talent!

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