Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Taking a Walk in the Woods - Andrew Seeley in "The Shortcut"

I love scaring myself, but the video market is flooded with familiar thrillers and horror films told many times over. In fact, the "Scream" trilogy pretty much sums up the formula that should make up a great horror story. Another "Scream" installment is coming to our screens very soon. Meanwhile, Director Nicholaus Goossen's "The Shortcut" comes up with a film that makes the grade!

The narrative follows a school in rural America (shot in Saskatchewan, Canada) that's circulating whispers about "the old man in the woods" - that the shortcut to getting shredded into pieces is through its leafy trails! When Derek (Andrew Seeley) finds his younger brother Tobey (who took the shortcut - and survived) covered with blood, his interest in piqued. With the help of his friends from school, he ventures into the house of the legendary old man. What exactly did they expect to find?

A decent movie with requisite good looking teenagers and a suspicious character, this film is buoyed by the performance of its young vast. Andrew Seeley registers strongly on screen, carries his character with confidence. It doesn't hurt that he is easy on the eyes too! In some scenes he looks like Levi Johnston (the him-bo from Alaska).

I have no idea who Seeley was until I saw this film, and from fast browsing, I discovered several things. One of which is that Andrew Seeley brims with talent: he is an amazing singer, a great composer, and a captivating performer. In fact, he used to cover for Zac Efron's voice in High School Musical (the first part), then again, while they toured HSM when Zac wasn't available (he was filming "Hairspray") - and he made a perfect replacement.

Just a word from the wise: The movie - "Shortcut" - offers an troubling conclusion that absolutely decimated the promise of the rest of the film! That was an unnecessarily twisted conclusion; someone should have warned the director that the piece doesn't fit!


I'd like to wish my Tita Minnie a Happy Birthday. I am aware that you follow my blog and find amusement from my endless rants. And the numbers that you saw the other day - bearing 954 page views in a day - should be true because I don't know how to manipulate sitemeter! Haha. I didn't realize this blog could attract such traffic. I only offer my thoughts and naughtiness.

Have a fun and safe trip on your 4th visit to Venice, Tita. I have missed those sweltering summers in Casa dei Pittori (did you know it used to be an ancient castle?). Or you could opt for that hotel near Basilico San Marco (forgot the name). I promise to join you next time (I know I've said "no" so many times but not because I didn't want to). I am still the little girl who used to sleep on your lap when I was 4 to 6. I am still your "unofficial" first daughter before there were Doreen and Cleo. I just grew up a bit - with sexy devilish thorns; with arrogance and biting sarcasm to boot! Love you to bits! Kisses from your adorably gorgeous niece Cathy (your words)

Andrew Seeley as Derek

Big brother asks Tobey if he's alright.

Andrew Seeley the performer! Google his youtube videos and find out what a great singer he is!

Andrew played "prince" opposite Selena Gomez in "Another Cinderella Story" and Chris Nolan's intriguing musical, "I Kissed A Vampire" (2010).

Graduated from Lake Brantley High School (Orlando, FL) in 2000. While there, he had leads in mainstage productions of "Into the Woods", "Gypsy", "Once Upon A Matress", "The Miracle Worker", and "The Merchant of Venice."

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