Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Luke Perry is a Sinister Soul in "Upstairs"

Luke Perry is deglamorized in director Robert-Adrian Pejo's suspense thriller "Upstairs".

The movie is about a blind girl Grace (Kelly Harrison) who lives in a castle (well, she calls it an "estate" but with a tower on its facade, i'd pretty much call it a castle). A car accident left her blind while her parents died from it. Cash-strapped and alone, she decides to rent out a room. A handsome stranger, Ward Weaver (Luke Perry) turns up but she soon finds herself embroiled in a sinister game that will have her running for her life!

The location is attractive enough, giving Grace's condition an atmosphere of serious confinement or captivity. The story is supposed to take place in Michigan, but - as I've suspected earlier - they filmed this one in Germany. Berlin, to be exact. Thus, the grand "castle".

Though the associated epilogue had me dangling with its expeditious resolution, it was enough to rob me off some nap time. And how the years have been kind to the still-sexy Mr. Perry. There's a few more furrows and lines on his face, but a beautiful guy is hard to camouflage under a mischievous character!

Calling 911 for loud music makes a for an annoying blind woman.

Cash strapped, but she has $30,000 stashed in her drawer. Go figure.

Kelly Harrison

Luke Perry

When brooding is sexy.

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