Wednesday, September 24, 2008

who wants to be a VJ?

robi, don't bite your lips. you can bite mine instead... LOL

i've always considered vj'ing as a total waste of energy. look where it got heart evangelista. from a bubbly squeaky clean imaged lass to "ay ayeng". hihi

she's lucky though, she's very pretty - and talented! plus she has annabelle rama as manager, doesn't she?

then i turned into myx. as it turns out, this music station is fielding a vj search. who do i find as one of the hopefuls? cute and cuddly robi domingo of pbb teen edition - looking deliciously handsome as ever!

i mean, really now, with 30% of text votes deciding for the winners, the cute mr. domingo is already a shoo in - and i can't wait to see him spout his incomprehensibles and his look-at-me-i'm-a-hip-funny-boy antics.

to the myx people: get on with the search fast. i can't wait to oogle at robi. he just makes me blush.

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