Friday, November 12, 2010

Do Yourselves A Favor Corner - Tony Scott's "Unstoppable"

Sometimes when we watch Hollywood trailers, we get the sense that they underestimate the intelligence of their audience. After all, how can you not even know the story of Tony Scott's latest film which is summarized in two words: "runaway train."

But what eventually surprised me was the cohesive story telling and the brisk paced immediacy of the narrative. Before long, you will find yourself hooked, and by the end of the screening, you are tempted to stand from your seat and applaud!

Denzel Washington plays train driver Frank who's 90-days from his forced early retirement, while Chris Pine is train conductor Will who gets the ire of the "old staff" for his youth, familial connection and cock-sure countenance. The two are thrown together and one day, they find themselves directly moving towards a runaway train that's half a mile long, carrying 38 cars full of combustible phenols! If they fail to divert or stop this train, it shall fall off a curved bend, and straight into a gasoline depot. If it survives this curve, it would eventually reach the city's most populated area with a population of almost 800,000. With a combustible cargo, it shall decimate the city like a time bomb. This is the true story of the two men who sacrificed their lives to stop this train. Helping them succeed is Connie (Rosario Dawson), their boss; and Ned (Lew Temple), the chief welder who had to drive alongside the raging train to transport Will to the driver's car.

Though the cinematic tale is guilty of its predictable narrative thread, there's no denying the entertainment value of this oft-repeated yarn about conflicted people and overcoming their personal odds. In this time and age, we are in dire need of heroes who can uplift us from the moribund state of affairs. Only the jaded moviegoer won't be able to enjoy "Unstoppable". Based on real events, director Tony Scott's film is A1 entertainment; an unadulterated thrill, that has to be enjoyed inside the cinema with a bunch of friends. Do yourselves a favor and watch it!

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