Friday, November 19, 2010

TV Series on Spotlight: Happy Town

A few months ago, I wrote about some TV series that I was able to view in the privacy of my luxurious room (wink wink), at my own appointed time. It was a video, not a scheduled TV program. When the series' fans got hold of what I wrote, they started questioning why I got the series so late (TV series was eventually cancelled). I was gonna reply to the thread but decided against it. Those idiots actually forgot that I write about stuff, old and new; that it was really immaterial when exactly I was able to get hold of the series! Heck, I can watch re-runs of say, Lee Majors' "Six Million Dollar Man" and write about them now, what the donkey's ass do they care if I wasn't even born then?

This is a personal blogsite, not an up-to-date review of current tv shows shown in the U.S. This is after all the Philippines, home of "major, major" beauty queens. Some nincompoops need reminding.

It's rural America, a small town called Haplin in the back roads of Minnesota. Its people are on edge one day when they learn of a gruesome murder by the pond. A man was bludgeoned with a rail nail, drilling a round hole through his skull. Then whispers soon spread: Is this the work of the "Magic Man"?

Twelve years ago, a serial kidnapper they call Magic Man (as his techniques seem to border on the mystical) began abducting 1 town folk every year for 7 years. Then it abruptly stopped! So the reluctant new sheriff Tommy Conroy (Geoff Stults) has his hands full. Meanwhile, there is a brewing fight between 2 families. The first one owns the big baking factory up the hill. The 2nd family "governs" the town. But each of their teenagers seem to be falling in love with each other - a "Romeo and Juliet" type of romance that have them pretending in public that they despise each other. One night, the girl witnesses the aforementioned crime, but she couldn't say her piece for it would uncover her secret tryst with her Romeo (Ben Schnetzer as Andrew Haplin). And who the heck is Henley (who we learned is the same girl named Chloe in the 2nd episode)? And why was she forbidden to check out the 3rd floor? And what was that ghastly dagger for, the one she found inside the room?

So far, it has taken my interest, and I shall try to extricate the mysteries that this town holds. After all, I read that it was cancelled, but was able to wrap its story on its 8th and last episode.

Geoff Stults as reluctant new sheriff Tommy Conroy

When you're looking like that... ooohlala!

Stults is "October Road"

The Stults brothers: Geoff and George! How do they make them both gorgeous? Let's ask the heavens?

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