Saturday, November 27, 2010

TV Series Spotlight: Gravity - Laughing Death Away

It's odd when a television series follows the lives of suicide survivors, then take their stories as little bits of comedic pages. In fact, Ivan Sergei's Robert Collingsworth opens the series with a funny piece. He is a famous ophthalmologist (paparazzis follow him around) who drove his Mercedes off the Palisades cliff, then miraculously landed on the swimming pool of a gay cruise ship. On the other hand, Krysten Ritter's Lily Champagne sells make up for New York's elite, and we don't quite understand (as of its 2nd episode) what exactly prompted her to OD with codeine. The show's co-creator and director, Eric Schaeffer plays the eccentric Detective Miller who unfortunately isn't as funny as he should be.

One of the characters in "Gravity" - which I find isn't a very viable title; "Suicide for Dummies" should have been used instead, as earlier planned - is a James Franco-lookalike - Seth Numrich. Heck I was gonna say James Dean. While it was earlier easy to dismiss him as just another pretty face, a quick google reveals Seth as quite the thespian. He has done several plays, and he's quite the Broadway (and off-Broadway) luminary, playing, among other roles, Achilles for Charles Mees' Iphigenia. Did he come from Julliard? How I wish I could go back to NY and just theater-hop for one whole month!

"Gravity" ran for 2 months before it was cancelled on June 30, 2010.

Ivan Sergei kills himself by landing on the pool of a gay cruise ship.

Krysten Ritter's cooky character defies description.

Seth Numrich is Achilles in Charles Mees' Iphigenia.

Seth Numrich at the premier of his Off-Broadway play, "Slipping".

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