Monday, November 1, 2010

Kim and Gerald Say Goodbye in "Till My Heartaches End"

Star Cinema films are rife with characters who always have issues with their families. Let's take a short roll call: John Lloyd Cruz's Migui Montenegro in "A Very Special Love" and "You Changed My Life" (who had to prove to his dad that he could run a company); Sam Milby's Nico Borromeo in "Babe, I Love You" (who needed to prove to his mother Laurice Guillen that he could succeed in the academic world; and Gerald Anderson's Powie Barredo ("Till My Heartaches End") is nothing different. He is the patriarch's bastard son who has to prove to dad Mark Gil that he is capable of dredging himself out of waitering. And what a great leap it is to finally have him succeed in the real estate business.

He meets Agnes Garcia (Kim Chiu), a Cebuana who's reviewing for the nursing boards. Sparks fly and the couple soon floats on a wave that takes Powie at the top of the heap. He is soon investing for condo units of his own; buying luxury cars for representation; and parading Agnes as his trophy girlfriend.

While Agnes' world revolves around Powie, the latter is starting to feel the constraints of her unwavering attention. How else would you feel if a girl tells you, "Mamamatay ako pag nawala ka!" It may sound romantic in novels, but in the general scheme of things, such sentimentality is nothing short of disturbing. When pressed with work, and you're bombarded with 5 dozens of text messages, do you fawn at her devotion? Shivers!

Kim Chiu delivers a one-note performance, no thanks to a myopic script that chose to showcase character evolution on Powie while Chiu's Agnes is left to mope around like an irritating wet blanket. But Gerald Anderson, as Powie, delivers a surprisingly intuitive performance worthy of the spotlight set on him. While Chiu stays afloat to survive a horrible screen persona, Anderson soars. He is charming and quite affecting, although he sometimes resorts to some bad facial affectations.

The narrative starts off compellingly, but soon loses steam. We are then made to endure a harrowing series of contrived, oft-repeated situations that grate through our patience. The film's middle 3rd is particularly tired and repetitious which is too bad, since this is a Jose Javier Reyes film. And Reyes hasn't done a bad rom-com in ages.

But just when we were ready to write it off as a forgettable flick altogether, Director Reyes pulls a brilliant trick out of his magical cauldron - and delivers a cinematic ending not usually upheld in mainstream romcoms! And if only for that, this sagging film is rendered its salvation!


With the hullabaloo surrounding disgruntled Kimerald fans (those acid-throwing threats, jesus!), it is clear how some elements of fandom could try to curtail the basic freedom of movie stars concerned. Since when were fans given the license to dictate the personal affairs of the stars they're supposed to emulate and support? That Anderson would appease these idiots by saying "They're not Kimeralds!" Who is he fooling? Not me! Eh sino yung mga yun, fans ni Maricel Soriano? O - baka fans ni Mahal at ni Mura! That's pretty hilarious, if I were to say it!

It was the right move from ABS-CBN to submit transcripts from these dictatorial nincompoops' Facebook shoutouts to the NBI so that these badgering fans shall eventually learn of their rightful place inside the comfortable confines of Manila City Jail!

What Godawful fans! If I were the artista, and these were my fans, dictating my every move - instead of being supportive of me, as Elizabeth Ramsey once said, "Magpapatuka na lang ako sa ahas!"

As for Kim, I shall forward what my yaya said about her - "Ayaw pag subra ug yaya!" (The last word is supposed to be pronounced with a glottal stop in both syllables.)

Don't you just hate weepers?

Gerald Anderson shines as Powie Barredo!

Kim Chiu is stuck in Agnes Garcia's self-pity!

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