Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Blind Side - And How Sandra Bullock is Queen Again

Before last year's "The Proposal", Sandra Bullock was on a fast slide to oblivion. Of course, there's also the horrible "All About Steve" but when you have "The Proposal" and "The Blind Side" on your buffet table, the debacle of "All About Steve" is easy to forgive.

"The Blind Side" chronicles the real story of an All-American family who takes under their wings a neglected teenage boy. Here's the catch: he is black and is humongous! Sandra Bullock plays Leigh Ann Tuohy, the sassy cheerleading coach who felt compelled to "adopt" Michael Oher (Quenton Aaron, who stands 6 foot 8 inches!). Bullock displays consistent characterization that's easy to empathize with (and that isn't an easy task - not when your family is a group of beautiful, rich, successful people.) The film is rich with insightful moments that tug the heart. My favorite was when Michael was saying goodbye to Leigh Ann as he was starting college.

Sure, the movie maybe schmaltzy at times, but I didn't mind. Take a box of tissue with you, dears!

Bullock - Box office and critical supremacy regained in one year!

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