Friday, March 5, 2010

Copping Out Bad!

I have always admired Kevin Smith as a director, and his "Dogma" is one of my all-time favorites. But sometimes, artists like Mr. Smith takes on something that's just not up his alley. Like "Cop Out".

When an informer for a drug dealing case gets shot, veteran NYPD cop Jimmy Monroe (Bruce Willis) and his partner get suspended for a month - without pay! Unfortunately, he desperately needs his money to for his only daughters big wedding - and his paternal ego is on the line! (He is divorced from his wife who is now married to a wealthy guy!) In fact, $48,000 is too much for a cop! But he has an ace up his sleeve - his mint-condition baseball card that will fetch in a huge amount! While peddling it at a shop, it gets stolen! With the help of his boisterous - and really annoying partner Paul Hodges (Tracy Morgan) - he goes after the robbers. This takes them to the heart of the local mafia boss - but without their badges nor their police department connections, do they have a chance?

I must admit I was looking forward to watching this - that "knock knock scene" inside the car with Seann William Scott was hilarious! - but when the movie opened with a ridiculous interrogation with Morgan and a suspect, everything went pffft!

Yeah, we've learned to love Bruce Willis' ubiquitous smirks and we've somehow miss him on screen, but Willis and Morgan's team-up is missing something! Besides, Morgan was just too obnoxious and he didn't gel "seamlessly" with Mr. Willis. In fact, the only time Morgan was vaguely entertaining was when he shared a scene with Seann William Scott as the parkour-practicing burglar! Mid-way into the movie, I dozed off!

Smith needs artistic inspiration.

Bruce Willis: A smirk here and there!

Seann William Scott: His wiseass cracks are a gem!

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