Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spotlight: The Delusional Anonymous Idiot Who Believes that “His” Pilantik and Fidel Were Masterpieces

Quarterly Awards: Pilantik and Fidel are easily two of the first quarter's WORST FILMS! 3 months over, 9 more months to go!

We are featuring a glorious comment coming from a proudly anonymous critter who I find to be utterly smart and an absolutely sophisticated wordsmith. He/she was just sooo adorable, it made me want to donate money to his brain-challenged world! He wanted to comment, he gets his spotlight! ;->

Here is his/her message:

bakla ka! ako ang magbibigay sayo ng 160 na binayad mo sa Fidel at Pilantik, nagpopcorn ka ba? sige isama mo na yun. pati pamasahe mo! kaloka ka! wag kang magkamali na laitin ang pelikula ko, at kahit saang sulok ng iskwater na tinitirhan mo, hahanapin kita at kukurutin ko ang singit mo gurl!

Isn’t he/she charming? ;->

Sorry, honey, I don’t take money from anyone whose idea of good cinema is “Fidel” or “Pilantik”! They’re not even close to what I would consider “passable”! Garbage to me is never passable! It was pleasurable reading your slum-worthy “jologs” statement though. Makes me laugh so hard! Gosh, I thought I’d wake up with a boring day! Whatever planet do you come from where such films are considered “good” should be blown to smithereens!

These are very trying times where just any “idiots with cameras” can make films and call themselves filmmakers!!! And they have people PAY to watch those revolting drivel – the nerve! Hahaha! Unfortunately, your “popcorn money” doesn't suffice to buy you a bigger brain! I’ll donate that to you as my charity for “Morons, Incorporated”!

If you really own either of those craps – “Fidel” or “Pilantik”, Holy Week is upon us! Ipagtika mo ang makasalanang pamumudmod ng napakasangsang na mga pelikulang ito! The economy is bad enough to subject the movie going public to amateur shows under the pretense of an alternative film experience! Alternatively bad, they sure are! Hahaha!

And for your information, our village guards have strict instructions about basureros! Start collecting garbage where you live: get that darn ORIGINAL master copy of those excruciatingly painful to watch “Pilantik” and “Fidel” and incinerate them well! Then take a deep sleep – and wake up when you get a bigger brain! Otherwise, do what sleeping beauty did… and don’t wake up! That’s what’s best for anonymous neuters like you who can't even summon enough "balls" to name himself - neuters with the brain of a tsetse fly!

He/she says: “Wag kang magkamaling laiitin ang pelikula ko”, I did, honey, and proudly so! “Pilantik” is CRAP! “Fidel” is DOUBLE CRAP! Galleria’s IndieSine lives in its own dimension of CRAPS! Good thing this 2010 there are very rare gems like “Last Supper No.3” and to a lesser extent, “Iliw”!

Imagine, the First Quarter of Cinema Year is almost over and there are only TWO good ones? THREE months of HORRIBLE INDIES! And you wonder why more and more people stay away from indies!

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