Saturday, March 27, 2010

Night Time Picnic

I thought I was watching a Shinji Iwai movie called "Picnic" until I realized it was a different Japanese movie - Masahiko Nagasawa's "Night Time Picnic". I am glad of this mistake.

High school kids are celebrating the annual Walking Festival where the kids take to the streets - decked in white uniform - and brave an 80 kilometer hike. In the center of this festivity is the beautiful Takami (Tasuki Emoto) and high school heartthrob Nishiwaki (Takuya Ishida) who both share a palpable attraction with each other. They keep stealing glances. But instead of meeting up, they keep avoiding each other; a situation that isn't missed by their group of friends. Their romantic tension between seems hopeless. Or is it?

I a tentative to the gradual build up to introduce the film's characters as they make their way to their 80 kilometer goal - and that unexpected twist that is eventually revealed at the end.

I couldn't help but smile and cry as this film finally comes to an end. And Ishida is such a looker, makes me blush!

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