Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Heart Warming Teen Romance in Todd Kessler's Keith

I love teen romance movies. And Todd Kessler's "Keith" is one of them!

Things are looking up for Natalie (Elisabeth Harnois). She is possibly looking into a $10,000 tennis scholarship college grant - if her current high school standing remains within the Top 20 of the national players. Moreover, campus hottie Raff (the gorgeous Ignacio Serricchio) is finally noticing her! The only thorn on her bed of roses is her pesky lab partner Keith (Jesse McCartney, sporting dark locks). With Keith's carefully planned machinations, Natalie finds herself drawn to his "not-a-date" invites. But just when things start to stabilize, he suddenly drops out of the picture. She couldn't find him! What's a girl to do?

Though the initial half falls under several regulatory, albeit trite romcom pitfalls, the latter half soon detours from the expected and takes us to an austere realm. The last scene at the airport is particularly reflective - and inspires a sober moment to think! Harnois charms us with her relaxed performance while McCartney proves that he is not just a pretty face. In fact, his dark locks sort of deglamorizes his golden boy persona - the one he is known for. The third wheel in the picture is the gorgeous Ignacio Serricchio, but forgive me for salivating. He makes me blush!

Elisabeth Harnois

Jesse McCartney trades his golden boy persona with dark grungy locks.

Ignacio Serricchio - Eye candy personified!

"Who's hot?" asks Ignacio.

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