Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Clint Eastwood Makes Nelson Mandela Proud

After several years of being a political prisoner, Nelson Mandela becomes a free man in South Africa. The winds of change have swept throughout the globe and Mandela wins the national elections to lead the Apartheid-torn country.

In a stroke of genius, he comes up with a brilliant idea of uniting a racially tense nation - through sports! He turns the losing national rugby team around and rally them into their winning form. In "Invictus", Director Clint Eastwood weaves a heart-warming tale of change and patriotism that should teach Manny Pacquiao a lesson on real nationalism. Just play your game - the one you are good and admired at! Don't be a singer when you can't sing! Don't be an actor when you can't even enunciate well. And finally, don't be a politician. You can serve the needy in more effective avenues.

Matt Damon spins.

"Wanna play rugby in the rain?" invites Matt (who has a convincingly consistent African accent in "Invictus").

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