Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bad Case of Juvenile Imagination - Percy Jackson & the Olympians

It could have been spectacular!

But praytell, how can anyone who's directed a Harry Potter movie come up with such a clunker in "Percy Jackson & the Olympians - The Lightning Thief"? Well, majority of its pitfall lies in its story really.

A group of teens are sent to a summer camp of demi-gods, children of Gods like Zeus, Athena and Hades, et. al. These kids have never met their all-too-powerful parents. Half of their parentage is human, so they come together at a camp headed by Pierce Brosnan who's half-man, half-horse.

But Percy Jackson (Logan Lerman) is being accused of stealing the world's most powerful weapon - the spearlike lightning bolt! He must travel to Olympus - by braving the ravages of hell first! - then "explain" to Zeus that he is innocent of this misdeed! On his quest for justice, he takes with him his friends Grover (who's half goat, half human) and Annabeth (daughter of Athena). So we have an adventure!

But setting this wildly imaginative storyline in present day California is anachronistic. The storyline never quite fits! And I always have trouble enjoying a film with a basic premise that I couldn't swallow!

Too bad! It had an avenue fit for a spell-binding adventure, but it turned out to be a pea-brained Nickelodeon flick (charming cast notwithstanding)!

Logan Lerman plays 15 year old Percy, accused of stealing the "lightning bolt" from the titan Gods. Logan is growing up a dashing young man. Strictly Zac Efron territory! He was that brilliant game player in Gerard Butler's "Gamer".

Jake Abel is naughty naughty Luke! He was the frisky high school stud in Peter Jackson's "Lovely Bones".

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