Saturday, February 6, 2010

Dear John - Bittersweet Romance Fizzles

When a man writes to you, he pours his soul and affection. That's what interested me to "Dear John" and I was always on the verge of a teenage giggle during the first half of the movie. I've always though Channing Tatum was perfect for a romantic hero - the strong silent man who will sweep any girl off his feet! When John (Tatum) meets Savannah (Amanda Seyfried), they fall in love. But like most bittersweet tales, they only have 2 weeks. She will go back to college, while he will be sent the world over as US army. They write each other every possible time they can. One day, her letters stopped coming!

Of course we expected something to crumble, but her reasons turned out to be so lame; she so shallow and moronic I wanted to tie her up and dip her in -10 degree waters. Nicholas Sparks didn't seem to know how to end his novel that from out of the blue, they see each other from nowhere, when hearts have been broken and all. One of the most anti-climactic endings in cinematic history I have ever seen.

I loved Richard Jenkins here though; he played Channing's father who collects coins. He has always been amazing! And nope! Savannah is an idiot for thinking that the father was autistic just coz he wasn't speaking much. He has an anti-social personality with obsessive-compulsive behavior! Not autistic! Duh! Also, they could have made use the legacy of the coins to make the narrative richer, but the coins ended being sold, the money donated for a duplicitous guy's chemo. What's the deal?

Should i brood coz I'm good looking?

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