Friday, February 12, 2010

All That Lovin' on Valentine's Day

It is Valentine's Day. Los Angeles is abuzz with all that romantic energy spilling over to more than a dozen personalities that shall grace this cinematic landscape.

Julia Roberts is coming home from active duty for a rendezvous with a special someone - but only for a day! Bradley Cooper joins her reverie up in the friendly skies. Ashton Kutcher proposes to his gf Jessica Alba but she wants to keep it a secret for now. Meanwhile, Ashton (who manages a flower delivery business) receives a bouquet order to Patrick Dempsey's wife and another for Jennifer Garner, Ashton's bestfriend! Will he tell her?Meanwhile, Jennifer is flying to San Francisco just to be with surgeon Dempsey on the special day. Will he be happy to see her?

High school triathlete Taylor Lautner gives ditzy blond girlfriend Taylor Swift a giant teddy, while she gives him a jersey - and they can't seem to have enough of each other. Sports reporter Jamie Foxx gets a mushy "lifestyle" assignment from his boss Kathy bates - to cover Valentine's Day, but he is really after a scoop. Is veteran sports hero Eric Dane retiring or not? But what about Eric's lovesick agent Jessica Biel? Will he ever glance her way? Once again, Jessica is hosting the I-Hate-Valentines-Day Party but everybody is cancelling. Will she celebrate the party alone?

Carter Jenkins is in a tizzy. He has scheduled his first ever "sex" with his high school gf Emma Roberts. He heads to her room and takes off his clothes, covering himself with just a guitar. But Emma is nowhere in sight. And her mom is on her way up her room!

Anne Hathaway is busy as a temp and as a phone sex worker, and her boss Queen Latifah is starting to notice. Meanwhile, her clueless boyfriend Topher Grace doesn't know. Will he mind?

Finally, Hector Elizondo receives the shock of his life when 72 year old wife Shirley MacLaine suddenly tells him that she has had an affair several years ago with his friend. His grandson, 9 year old Bryce Robinson admits to being lovesick himself. He wants to send a bouquet to the girl but the flower shop can't seem to deliver it to her, so he takes matters into his own hands!

There is a certain degree of improbability that all these stories will unfold and resolve within a day! But - like a stroke of of genius, the stories somehow come together, making this omnibus film the perfect date movie for Valentines!

My favorite is the segment with the lovesick kid Bryce! Young love seems to be the sweetest and the purest too, and aren't we a sucker for that? If you want to fall in love with love this V-Day, this is a safe bet!

Julia Roberts - In the outtakes, the camera pans over Rodeo Drive then the camera man (probably "Pretty Woman" director Garry Marshall) jokingly asks Julia, "Have you ever shopped there?" She breaks into a wry smile then replies, "Yeah, once... big mistake! Bbbiggg mistake!" (Then she breaks into her trademark grin!)

Patrick Dempsey plays naughty cardiologist.

Eric Dane is the troubled sports hero.

Carter Jenkins looks to Emma Roberts for lotsa lovin'.

Ashton Kutcher proposes to Jessica Alba on Valentine's Day! Then warns his bestfriend Jennifer Warner. Now how lucky can a man get?

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