Thursday, February 25, 2010

Armored and Testosterone Driven

If you love world titles, you should be familiar with Nimrod Antal's work - his Hungarian feature "Control" was a spectacular caper that translated successfully into a U.S. crossover, Luke Wilson and Kate Beckensale's "Vacancy".

Antal is known for his attention to his movie's setting. In fact, his location takes center stage and his characters are just the support. In "Control" which is still a personal favorite, it was set in the bowels of Budapest's underground train system. In "Vacancy", it was the convoluted underground alleys of a sullen motel. In Antal's latest work "Armored", this takes place at an abandoned warehouse.

In fact, much of the action takes place there - where an armored van carrying $42 million bank money is sequestered by the guards who were supposed to protect it. But like most perfect crimes, some thing always turns awry! In this case, it's probationary guard Ty (Columbus Short) who suddenly grows conscience in the middle of a would-be perfect heist! Though the film turns out a little short of its adrenaline promise, it will pass for a boredom sorter - for when you have nothing better to do.

"Armored" boasts of brisk action and a stellar cast - Matt Dillon as gang leader Mike; Laurence Fishburne, Jean Reno, Skeet Ulrich, Fred Ward and that gorgeous being called Milo Ventimiglia playing the burger-devouring cop Eckhart! The movie clocks at 88 minutes - so if you hate it, it won't be too much of a punishment!

Matt Dillon's next film will be "Rio Sex Comedy" where he will be strutting his stuff on the beaches of Brazil with Bill Pullman,

Matt Dillon could be Milo's older brother, don't you think?

Milo Ventimiglia once said, "I don't seek attention. If anything I'd rather blend in, remain anonymous,"which is hard when you're looking like that... Must be the vegetarian in him.

Milo Ventimiglia looks back on his early days as an extra: "I had one line on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but I met Will Smith and he took 20 minutes out of his day to talk to the kid with one line. To this day, I think that guy is amazing because of that." His next film is titled "Order of Chaos".

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